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Monkey pox forms blisters on the body
Reproduction/Dermatology Advisor 5.25.2022

Monkey pox forms blisters on the body

The Ministry of Health will make the notification of suspected cases of monkeypox – or monkeypox – mandatory in Brazil starting this Friday (27). With the decision, health professionals must report possible infections to the folder and to municipal and state health departments within 24 hours. The rule will apply to both the Unified Health System (SUS) and the private network.

The ministry makes final adjustments to the notification and investigation forms that will be made available to health professionals through an electronic form. The measure comes into force after the government includes the disease in the list of those that are of compulsory notification, through an ordinance published on May 13.

“The Ministry of Health of Brazil, through the National Situation Room of Monkeypox, is in the process of finalizing the notification and investigation form for the national territory, with the establishment of the obligation of immediate notification, within 24 hours, by health professionals of public or private services. Suspected cases of Monkeypox must be notified immediately, within 24 hours, as they are public health events as provided in Ordinance No. 1102, of May 13, 2022, in an electronic form to be made available after completion and validation of the forms, by the technical teams”, says the document.

Compulsory notification is a legal rule to communicate health authorities about the occurrence — or suspicion — of diseases that are under the scrutiny of epidemiological surveillance. This is the case with Covid-19, dengue and Chikungunya fever, for example.

Monitoring of the folder shows that Brazil does not register suspected or confirmed cases of monkeypox. The closest record is in Argentina, which confirmed the infection this Friday. Bolivia, in turn, has been monitoring a possible case since Thursday.

The United Kingdom leads the statistics of confirmed notifications, with 90 cases, followed by Spain, with 51, and Portugal, with 37. Canada has 15 diagnoses and the United States, nine. In all, the number exceeds 200.

Endemic in Africa, the spread of the disease through countries that have not had contact with the continent is still the subject of studies for scientists. Possible outbreaks can be controlled by medication.

Vaccines available against smallpox — a disease that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared eradicated from the world in 1980 — also provide protection against monkeypox. As O GLOBO has shown, there are no immunizations or remedies against the disease available in Brazil.

Transmission usually occurs from animals to people in forests in Central and West Africa. Among humans, the ministry points out that the contagion is considered moderate and occurs, above all, through contact with respiratory secretions, skin lesions or contaminated objects. As for respiratory droplets, there should be greater proximity to the patient. Also, there is the possibility of infecting through bodily fluids.

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