Reform of UPAs, elective surgeries and colonoscopy queue are discussed between Elton Carvalho and the new secretary of health

Reform of UPAs, elective surgeries and colonoscopy queue are discussed between Elton Carvalho and the new secretary of health - Credit: Disclosure Credit: Disclosure

On the morning of this Friday, 27, a meeting was held between Councilman Elton Carvalho (Republicans) and the Municipal Secretary of Health, Denise Mello. The main topics discussed were the urgent need for improvement in the Emergency Care Units (UPA), greater agility in the processes of contracting the collective efforts of elective surgeries and the construction of a plan to “zero” the queue of colonoscopy procedures in the municipality.

After inspection carried out by the parliamentarian on Thursday night (26) at UPA Santa Felícia, several irregularities were found, in the most varied aspects, structural, operational, logistical and managerial. Lack of supplies, new equipment in the corridors of the unit, lack of alcohol gel and basic supplies, in addition to the eminent presence of mold, broken chairs and other malfunctions that point to the urgent need for a renovation.

With regard to elective surgeries, the health department is in the final stage of planning that will include 1 million reais reversed in general elective surgeries, in the “mutirão” modality. The resources were obtained from the dep. federal government Marcos Pereira (Republicans).

Another subject that was widely discussed was the colonoscopy procedures that, according to the secretariat, were stagnant for two years, accumulating a queue of 673 people currently. The councilor authorized the use of 400 thousand reais, also obtained from the dep. Marcos Pereira, to clear the queue.

“We look for different ways to help the health department solve these critical problems, whether through fundraising with the state or the federal government, as well as participating with ideas and suggestions through the analysis of proposed scenarios”, said Elton. “I believe that working together, we will soon have zeroed the queues for colonoscopy procedures, started the reforms of the UPAS and the collective efforts of elective surgeries will be successful. Even so, we will continue to seek resources for the health of our city”, he concluded.

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