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“Maintaining lost weight is harder than losing weight.” You must have heard this phrase and it is true. Research shows that 95% of people who lose weight on restrictive diets regain their weight — the famous accordion effect.

This back and forth on the scale is bad for health: it worsens body composition (as you lose weight and gain weight, you lose muscle and gain fat), generates sagging, increases the risk of diabetes and even early death. It also generates frustration and makes the person lose the motivation to lose weight, favoring obesity and its complications for the body.

To avoid the accordion effect, it is necessary to avoid miraculous and restrictive diets, which promise to lose weight quickly and do not allow you to eat what you like.

As it is difficult to follow eating plans for a long time that prohibit the consumption of certain foods or that make you hungry, you end up giving up the diet soon. Then the tendency is to eat even more and quickly regain all the weight you lost.

Healthy and unrestricted diet

In order not to suffer from the accordion effect, you need a healthy eating plan that allows you to eat everything and helps make good eating a habit. This is the proposal of Menus for Emagrecer, an exclusive product for UOL subscribers, that every Saturday receive five special menus, in addition to food tips, recipes, shopping lists.

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