The best book deals at the Geek Gamer Festival

This Friday (27) marks the last day of the Geek Gamer Festival, but there are still good discounts to take advantage of. In our selection today, we have listed the best deals on books on Amazon for you to complete your collection or fill your bookshelf.

It has fictional book boxes and other works made for those who are real geeks! A good note: Amazon Prime subscribers — to test the service for free for 30 days, the link is this — receive the products with Free and very fast shipping.

Check out the best deals on books at the Geek Gamer Festival below:

  • Harry Potter Box – Premium Edition + Exclusive Poster by BRL 279.90 for BRL 189.90
  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Box R$199.90 for BRL 103.65
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians Box – New Cover from R$ 274.50 for BRL 195.61
  • Sprawl Trilogy Box from BRL 159.90 for BRL 78.89
  • Throne of Glass Box – Accompanies Poster + Bookmarks from R$ 359.80 for BRL 249.90
  • Box Odyssey and Iliad from BRL 169.90 for BRL 88.89
  • HP Lovecraft Box: The Pantheon of Myths + Poster + Bookmarks from R$ 69.90 for BRL 40.72
  • Agatha Christie Collection – Box 4 from R$ 119.90 for BRL 40.72
  • Nordic Box: The Best Tales and Legends – 2 Books + Poster + Bookmarks from R$ 69.90 for BRL 37.00
  • Box – The Wizard of Oz – 3 Volumes – Includes 1 Poster for R$ 69.90 for BRL 35.15

So, will you take any of the books to your house?

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