These are the squat exercises you need to do

The squat is an exercise modality that anyone can do, from a beginner to more experienced athletes. This exercise, in addition to providing better aesthetics, produces several benefits for the body.

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benefits of squats

Stimulates the production of hormones: when the body is subjected to activities with greater force, there is a release of testosterone and GH, these hormones favor the construction and growth of muscles.

Corrects bad posture: by strengthening the lower limbs, this ends up implying in the strengthening of the lumbar region and aligning the posture. Consequently, this will relieve pain for those who suffer from back pain.

It favors mobility: as it is a functional exercise that works several muscles, it ends up being beneficial to improve mobility and avoid injuries. Strengthens the abdomen: it is an exercise that favors the belly region, helping to burn some extra pounds.

Squat exercises you should include in your life

parallel squat

This is the simplest exercise to perform, and according to training experts, is most effective for the quads and glutes. Its performance promotes better development of the lower muscles.

In addition, it is the most appropriate squat exercise for those who are starting to train.

partial squat

It is a quick and short type of exercise, it serves to generate more strength gain and improve physical conditioning. In addition, it is a safer exercise, but reaching angles of 90° should be avoided to avoid overloading the knee joints, its maximum flexion should be at 50°.

deep squat

This one requires a more evolved physical conditioning, because this type of squat develops the glutes region very well, about 30% more compared to the traditional squat.

free squat

It involves several muscles and is beneficial for stimulating hormones such as testosterone that have anabolic power. In addition, it is great for those who want to lose weight, if it is done with the bar, because it promotes a high caloric expenditure.

Now that you know the benefits of squats, you can choose the one that best fits your physical condition and practice.

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