Artists protest against the limitation of health insurance services

Celebrities publish videos with the hashtag #RolTaxativoMata; STJ judges the measure this Wednesday (June 8)

Celebrities and digital influencers joined the #RolTaxativoMata campaign, against change in the list of mandatory procedures for health plans. The judgment of the Tax Roll is held this Wednesday (June 8, 2022) by the STJ (Superior Court of Justice).

Among the celebrities who recorded the videos are singers Luisa Sonza, Pabllo Vittar and Karol Conka. The compilation was shared by Preta Gil on her Instagram profile.

“If the ministers decide that the list of ANS procedures is exhaustive, health plans are authorized to deny anything that is not there. From medicines to therapies. Even surgeries that can save lives”said the artist.

Watch the demonstrations (1min02s):

The virtual mobilization began with presenter Marcos Mion, from TV Globo. On Tuesday (June 7), the artist recorded a video and again insisted that the ministers of the STJ vote against the Rol Taxativo. In February, the global presenter had already asked his fans to put pressure on the authorities to have the trial postponed. The initiative paid off.

“Tomorrow (06/08, Wednesday), at 2 pm, the trial of the ANS role will resume and, as always, we hope that the STJ, the rapporteur, Luis Felipe Salomão and the other ministers hear our voice, asking , clamoring for the NON approval of the taxing list. This is a cause that not only affects the autistic community, but EVERYONE that depends on a health plan!”said Mion.

Mion is a father of 3 children, including 16-year-old Romeo, who is autistic. In February, he mentioned the risks to the treatment of hundreds of sick people who are denied procedures and therapies by health plans. The result of the STJ judgment could impact the lives of almost 49 million people.

Watch Mion’s speech (3min35s):

Changes in health plans

The ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency) is against changing the list of procedures. O Power 360 found that the STJ judgment worries the agency.

The court decides whether the list of mandatory procedures and treatments (called a list) shows all available services –without the possibility of covering other products– or is just a minimal reference.

The 1st option is called an exhaustive list and is how health plans currently work. ANS and operators are in favor of this model. The 2nd alternative, called the exemplary list, is defended by patient and consumer protection associations.

The topic has gained prominence on social media in recent days because of movements by family members of people with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder), contrary to the taxing role. There are therapies for people on the spectrum that are not available on the ANS list. Some families file lawsuits for treatments to be made available.

The exemplary list would facilitate this process, as well as the treatment of other diseases not included in the agency’s table. But, if the STJ’s decision is in favor of the taxing list, these families would not be able to request the provision or reimbursement of these services.

The court’s understanding can also revoke court decisions that have forced the plans to cover certain treatments outside the ANS list.

The ANS assesses that the exemplary list will be a setback. The agency projects that any change could have two consequences:

  • 1st scenario – operators will further increase the prices of health plans –in 2022, there was already a record high of 15.5%– to be able to bear the extra costs of the new services that will have to be covered;
  • 2nd scenario – Operators will start offering contracts with fewer covered services. Currently, health plans are required to cover the more than 3,000 procedures on the ANS list.

The agency also calculates that the exemplary list will make it difficult to act in cases where beneficiaries of health plans call the ANS because the operator did not provide any service on the list.

Today, any operator that does not comply with the list can be fined. In the exemplary list, each case would be analyzed individually.

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