First Unacon patients celebrate cancer treatment close to home


Unit performed one chemo session and two consultations on the first day of care

By Rodrigo Alonso

June 8, 2022, at 6:40 pm

Site started to work this Wednesday, in Americana – Photo: Marcelo Rocha / O Liberal

The first patients treated by Unacon (High Complexity Unit in Oncology) of Americana, this Wednesday, celebrated the fact that they could be treated close to home. On its first day of operation, the unit held a chemotherapy session and two consultations.

“I thank God, because I was asking God not to go too far. I wanted it to be right here, and God answered my prayer,” said Maria Cléia da Silva Lopes Duarte, 49, who is battling breast cancer.

Maria Cléia, from Sumaré, has already marked her chemotherapy: “very happy” – Photo: Rodrigo Alonso / O Liberal

A resident of Sumaré, she had an appointment this Wednesday and will have her first chemotherapy session next week, also at Unacon.

“I want to thank God, first of all, because I am about to start doing [o tratamento]. I’ve been chasing it for a long time”, said Maria Cléia, who couldn’t contain her excitement. “I’m very happy, because this place here is new and I’m going to start the treatment next week”, she commented.

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The other person consulted is also from Sumaré. This is Angela Maria Fagundes Pereira, 52 years old. “Great service. There’s nothing to complain about”, praised the patient, who is being treated for rectal cancer.

Like Maria Cléia, Angela will undergo her chemotherapy at Unacon. The treatment, at first, would take place in São Paulo, but she refused due to the distance.

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“It is very tiring. I would have to take the transport at 3 am and wouldn’t have time to get home. I couldn’t handle this life,” said the patient, who now has a cancer center closer to her home.

“I come and go home in peace, I can come by bus for appointments after I’m better. It’s very good. It’s a very cozy, very nice place. It’s a beautiful environment. The girls were all attentive at the reception. I just have something to be thankful for,” she celebrated.

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The first person to undergo chemotherapy at the unit is a woman from Americana, who is recovering from breast cancer. On the occasion, the patient, who did not want to be interviewed and asked not to be identified, had her last session – before, she was being treated in the private network.

“It is a very positive day, in which we started the consultations, still quite shy, with few people, but I think it is a good start, in which we start the service of these people who were waiting so anxiously”, said the superintendent director of Fusame (American Health Foundation), Lilian Godoy.

The appointments, according to her, are made through the DRS (Regional Department of Health).

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