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the iPhone can be used as a webcam from the update to iOS 16, scheduled for September. Users of computers with MacOS and the next version of the system will have access to the feature that aims to increase video call quality. The function called Continuity Camera uses the rear photographic set of the cell phone. The company also foresees the use of accessories to attach the iPhone to the body of the MacBook.

The function – which was unveiled this week at WWDC 2022 – not new on the market, as it was possible to use it through third-party applications. Despite this, Apple’s official solution brings exclusive features, such as ability to follow movements and center the user on the video through facial recognition. The novelty will only be available on newer iPhones.

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Feature requires iOS 16 and macOS Ventura — Photo: Playback/Apple

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The Continuity Camera will depend on MacOS Ventura and iOS 16, the next versions of the systems for desktop and mobile. No cables will be needed to work. According to Apple, just bring your iPhone closer to your Mac for the feature to automatically kick in with programs like FaceTime, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Desk View Demo — Photo: Playback/Apple

The Continuity Camera will be able to follow and center the user in the video frame thanks to the function called Central Stage. It will depend on iPhone 11 or later. It will be possible to use the Portrait Mode effect, which blur background background.

Apple works with accessories maker Belkin to create products that make it easy to dock the iPhone with the Mac. One of them was shown at WWDC 2022.

You can now turn your iPhone into a webcam

Apple’s appeal also provides for the use of an accessory to facilitate the fitting of the iPhone to the Apple computer — Photo: Reproduction / Apple

The great differential of the function presented by Apple is the automatic integration between iPhone and Mac. This type of feature has been possible for a long time on Apple cell phones through applications available on the App Store. there are also similar tools in the universes of Windows It’s from android.

Owners of iPhones that will not receive the update to the brand new iOS 16 will need to resort to other apps if they want to use their smartphone as a webcam. The more sophisticated functions will only be available on the latest models.

New arrives from September — Photo: Reproduction / Apple

When will the news be available?

Apple has revealed that the Continuity Camera will arrive alongside iOS 16 and MacOS Ventura. The forecast is that the new versions of the systems for iPhone and Macs reach the devices In September.

with information from insiders and The Verge

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