Learn trick that ‘crashes’ important apps when iPhone is stolen

Currently, the fear of having the cell phone stolen is not limited to the value of the device. Criminals have wreaked havoc by accessing bank accounts or shopping apps via “forgot password” (which sends a reset code or link via email or SMS).

Apple does not natively allow locking apps with Face ID (facial recognition) or fingerprints. But a trick devised by journalist Felipe Germano, a former collaborator of tilt, recently popped on twitter: it’s easy and extremely ingenious.

Learn how to do it to protect your money:

1. Make sure that the notification text (such as verification codes to change passwords) only appear when the phone is unlocked:

  • Settings > Notifications > Previews > When Unlocked

two. configure the clock to not “beep” at the end of a timer:

  • Clock > Timer > When Finished > Stop Playback

3. create a automation:

  • App Shortcuts > Automation Tab > + > Create Automation

4. Select the apps you want to shield:

  • App > For Open > Select apps (banking, email, messaging, shopping)

5. set the automation and that you don’t have to ask for it to run:

  • Next > Add Action > Timer > 1 second
  • Next > Disable Ask on Run

6. Ready. Whenever someone enters these apps, the screen is locked a second later.

That way, if a criminal tries to open a protected app, they’ll go straight to the lock screen (and need your password to unlock it). Only if he picks up the unlocked cell phone, and immediately disables the shortcut, would he gain access — which is highly unlikely.

In any case, only when Apple allows Face ID/digital locking — as with Android — will there be full security.

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