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Exercising regularly is essential for health, well-being and preventing diseases, and it also helps in the weight loss process — although food is the main tool for weight loss, training improves sleep and controls stress and anxiety. , factors that can lead to overeating in food.

1 – See a doctor and have a check-up to find out what your body’s conditions are to start exercising. Then, look for a physical education professional to set up a workout suitable for your goals and conditioning.

2 – Change your diet gradually. Start with the basics, changing the type of sugar you use, then reducing the food until it becomes rare on the menu. White carbs (rice, bread, pasta) can be substituted for whole grains. The soda can be exchanged for juices and then for water. To have an even better diet, seek guidance from an expert to plan your meals —in Menus for Emagrecer VivaBem, UOL subscribers receive five menus prepared by nutritionist Victor Machado every week.

3 – Get organized! To stay focused on the goal of abandoning a sedentary lifestyle, avoid adding too many activities to your routine. Start small, but be consistent. Choose something that feels good for you and put exercise in a schedule that is easy to keep and you don’t have other commitments — very early in the morning, when you wake up, or at lunchtime, for example.

Good nutrition and exercise: a perfect combination

In Menus for Emagrecer, UOL subscribers receive every Saturday five menus with suggestions for balanced meals, for those who want to take care of their health and lose weight, in addition to guidance and tips on food and well-being.

To have the menus and tips in your email, just sign up for VivaBem’s newsletter. Those who are not UOL subscribers can also register and receive tips for a healthy life.

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