State Health Council votes on the 14th use of medical cannabis in Ceará

The Plenary of the State Health Council (Cesau) will vote, on June 14th, on the text of the bill to be sent to Governor Izolda Cels (PDT), which indicates the creation of a state cannabis use policy for therapeutic purposes in Ceará. The idea is for the text to be sent by the governor to the Legislative Assembly by message – when the bill is proposed by the Executive.

The recommendation was confirmed on Wednesday afternoon, 8, at an ordinary meeting of the Medicinal Cannabis Working Group, which operates within Cesau. According to the Executive Secretary of the Council, Goretti Araújo, there is already a favorable opinion from Cesau’s legal advice and formal support from the State Secretary for Health, Marcos Gadelha, to implement this new health policy in Ceará. The text must still be evaluated by the State Attorney General’s Office (PGE) and be submitted to budget forecasts.

Among the diseases and disorders treatable with cannabis-based substances are: Alzheimer’s, generalized anxiety, spinocerebellar ataxia, chronic migraines, hemophilia, cerebral palsy, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, cystic fibrosis, irritable bowel syndrome, panic syndrome, autistic spectrum disorder , sleep disorder, rheumatism, depression, intermittent explosive disorder, epilepsy.

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In propositions discussed by the Cannabis WG, the idea is that the new legislation defines state support for health treatments that have the prescription of substances derived from marijuana. Part of this demand is covered by lawsuits. One of the questions raised by the WG is to know how much the State pays in treatments defined by court orders.

The proposed law also wants to encourage and promote scientific studies and local research on cannabis-based therapies, in addition to guaranteeing support for patients and similar associations and the training of professionals in the state health network. States such as Paraíba and Rio de Janeiro would already be in more advanced discussions on this topic. Ceará currently has eight patient associations pleading causes for the use of medical cannabis.

GT Medicinal Cannabis was created in 2019

The State Health Council is made up of 80 members, 40 of whom are members and 40 are substitutes. The approval of the project to be sent to the governor will depend on the simple majority (half plus one vote). If approved, the Plenary should forward the proposal so that Secretary Marcos Gadelha can forward the material to the Civil House.

The Medicinal Cannabis WG was created in 2019 to structure the implementation of the proposed new state law. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he had been holding virtual discussions – this Wednesday, 8th, was the first face-to-face meeting in the period. The WG is made up of representatives from 20 institutions, including people linked to patients and legal networks to support treatments. The School of Public Health, the Federal Public Ministry and the Council of Municipal Health Secretaries should also be part of the working group, which will continue with meetings after the evaluation of the Plenary of Cesau.

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