Wilson Lima announces food aid of R$ 600 and correction of 9.06% in base dates to health servers

Base dates are from 2016 and 2020. Measures were presented by the governor to representatives of 10 unions

Photograph: Disclosure / Secom

The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, announced, this Wednesday (06/08), that state health workers will receive food aid of R$ 600 from June, equating the amount paid by the State to the education categories. and public safety. In addition, the governor guaranteed the payment of correction of 9.06% of salary base dates, starting in August, for professionals working in the state health network.

The measures were presented by the governor to representatives of 10 unions of professionals in the category, during a meeting at the headquarters of the Government of Amazonas, Compensa neighborhood, west of Manaus. The meeting was attended by the Chief Secretary of the Civil House, Flávio Antony, and the Secretaries of State for Administration and Management, Fabrício Barbosa; Health, Anoar Samad; and Government, Sérgio Litaiff Filho.

“I am authorizing the payment of base dates for 2016 and 2020 as of August and, as of this month of June, we are already paying the food ticket with an increment of R$100; health professionals will receive a food ticket of R$ 600. This is a way for the Government of Amazonas to value these professionals”, said Wilson Lima.

According to the governor, the measures are a recognition of the dedication of these servers who, on a daily basis, are in the business of saving lives, especially during the most critical period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I want to thank Governor Wilson Lima who had a sensitivity and we reached the end of this meeting with a victory for the working class. Congratulations and thank you, governor”, ​​said Cleidinir Francisca, president of the Union of Public Workers in the Health Area of ​​Amazonas (Sindsaúde-AM).

Other ads – Wilson Lima also announced that a decree will regulate the periodic performance evaluation of state civil servants. It also defined that the necessary studies for the process of progression of the servers should be started, a measure that should be made possible as early as next year.

“I decided that we are going to start the progression process, I have already authorized my Administration Secretariat to have a periodic performance evaluation to subsidize these progressions”, said the governor.

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