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Health of São Gonçalo calls on residents to update vaccination records

While vaccination against the coronavirus reached 75% of the population as of this week, the application of all other routine vaccines is underwhelming. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of vaccination to prevent the disease and other immunizers have the same role. Immunization gained a day on the calendar to remember how important the act of vaccinating is and keeping the vaccination book up to date: the next June 9th.

The main purpose of the date is to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination of children and adults. In São Gonçalo, the vaccination coverage of 17 vaccines offered in the municipal health network through the Municipal Health and Civil Defense Department fell during the coronavirus pandemic. In 2019, before the covid-19 pandemic, most vaccine coverage was more than 90% – which is the Ministry of Health’s goal for all vaccines.

In 2020 – the critical year of the beginning of the pandemic – the highest vaccination coverage was that of BCG, which prevents tuberculosis, with 54.4%. All others had lower indices. In 2021, coverage rates were similar to 2020, reaching 43.75% with hepatitis B vaccination in children up to 30 days old.

“Vaccination is essential for those who take it and for public health. Keeping vaccination up to date is the best way to prevent diseases and their proliferation in the environment in which you live. Therefore, all vaccines are important and we need to get back to the 2019 vaccination rates”, said Health immunization coordinator Thayná Fratane.

Even with many diseases eradicated over the years, there is still the circulation of viruses and bacteria, resulting in contamination, even if with few cases. All vaccines are available at 72 health units, which are operating normally in the city, from 8 am to 5 pm, always from Monday to Friday. Updating the immunization book can be done in any vaccination room.

“During the pandemic, a lot of false news about vaccines emerged. Many people stopped vaccinating and vaccinating their children because of doubts. However, we can say that all vaccines are safe and guarantee the health of the population. Therefore, the importance of immunization, even if delayed, after the date, you can look for health posts”, concluded Thayná.

It is important that the population take the booklet, which will be evaluated and updated according to each situation. Updating the booklet is important to reduce the risk of reintroduction of several diseases that have already been eradicated in the country, update the vaccination status, increase vaccination coverage, reduce the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases and contribute to the control, elimination and/or eradication of diseases, both for the individual and for collective health.

Difference between vaccination and immunization

Vaccination is different from immunization when the vaccine requires more than one dose. Therefore, to be vaccinated is to receive a dose of the vaccine and to be immunized is when the number of doses indicated of the vaccine has expired. Therefore, when the vaccine is a single dose, the first dose already immunizes. When the vaccine requires the application of two or more doses, immunization only takes place when all doses are applied to the individual within the prescribed period. Immunization is the development of immunity to the disease for which the person was vaccinated. It means that the person has produced antibodies against the disease.

Vaccination rooms:

1 – Hélio Cruz Health Center, Alcântara

2 – Gonçalense do Mutondo Clinic

3 – USF Irmã Dulce, Trindade (no pediatric covid)

4 – USF Josyandra Moura Mesquita, s/nº, Colubandê

5 – PAM Coelho

6 – USF Bandeirantes

7 – USF Tancredo Neves, Trindade

8 – USF Waldemar Costa Nunes, Jardim Miriambi (no pediatric covid)

9 – Jorge Teixeira de Lima Health Center, Jardim Catarina

10 – USF Agenor José da Silva, Jardim Catarina

11 – USF Jardim Catarina I, Jardim Catarina

12 – USF João Goulart, Jardim Catarina

13 – USF Elza Borges, Santa Luzia

14 – USF Floriano Barbosa, Jardim Catarina

15 – USF Ary Teixeira, Bom Retiro

16 – Marambaia Family Clinic

17 – USF Louis Pasteur, Guaxindiba

18 – USF Aníbal Porto, Monjolos

19 – Largo da Ideia Health Center

20 – Geremias de Mattos Fontes Health Center, Bom Retiro

21 – Roberto Silveira Health Center, Vista Alegre

22 – Luiz Paulo Guimarães Health Center, Laranjal

23 – Apollo III Health Post

24 – Juarez Antunes Health Center, Boa Vista do Laranjal

25 – Paulo Marques Rangel Health Center, Portão do Rosa

26 – Alexander Fleming Health Center, Boaçu

27 – Albert Sabin Health Post, Fazenda dos Mineiros

28 – Carlos Chagas Health Post, Fazenda dos Mineiros

29 – USF Leôncio Correia, Itaúna

30 – Mutuá Health Post II

31 – Jair Arantes da Cruz Health Post, Boa Vista

32 – David Capistrano Health Center, Recanto das Acacias

33 – Neuza Goulart Brizola Health Post, Palmeiras

34 – Constantino Farah Health Post, Mutuapira

35 – Portão do Rosa Health Center, Portão do Rosa

36 – Mahatma Gandhi Health Center, Jardim California

37 – Itaúna I Health Center

38 – Mutuaguaçu Health Post

39 – Washington Luiz Health Center, Zé Garoto

40 – USF Zé Garoto

41 – Ana Nery Health Center, Gradim

42 – Barbosa Lima Sobrinho Health Center, Porto da Pedra

43 – Armando Leão Health Post, Morro do Castro

44 – Wally Figueira da Silva Health Post, Rocha

45 – Gonçalense do Barro Vermelho Municipal Clinic

46 – Jardel do Amaral Health Center, Venda da Cruz

47 – Bento da Cruz Health Center, Porto Novo

48 – Getúlio Vargas Health Center, Boa Vista

49 – Francisco Ribeiro Youth Health Center, Engenho Pequeno

50 – Health Center Dr. Haroldo Pereira Nunes, Camarão

51 – Mother Teresa of Calcutta Health Post, North Star

52 – Luiz Carlos Prestes Health Center, Santa Catarina

53 – PAM Neves

54 – Bocayuva Health Post, Sete Pontes

55 – Rio do Ouro Health Center

56 – Emílio Ribas Health Center, Sacramento

57 – Manoel de Abreu Health Center, Ipiíba

58 – Hiparco Ferreira Health Center, Engenho do Roçado

59 – Santa Isabel Health Post

60 – Marechal Cândido Rondon Health Post, Colubandê

61 – Luiza de Marilac Health Center, New Mexico

62 – Almerinda Health Post

63 – Quinta Dom Ricardo Health Center, Santa Isabel (no pediatric covid)

64 – Family Clinic Dr. Zerbibi, Arsenal

65 – José Jorge Health Center, Santa Isabel

66 – Vila Candoza Health Post, Coelho

67 – Doutel de Andrade Health Center, Maria Paula

68 – Badger Silveira Health Post, Tribobó

69 – José Avelino Health Center, Tribobó (no pediatric covid)

70 – Marileia Cardoso Health Center, Jockey (no pediatric covid)

71 – Flávio Henrique de Brito Health Center, Jockey

72 – Adolfo Lutz Health Post, Amendoeira

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