Street Fighter II: The World Warrior for free on all platforms

At the beginning of the month, we had the announcement of Street Fighter 6 during PlayStation’s State of Play event, and perhaps as a way to spark fans’ nostalgia and help them hone their skills until the new game arrives today (09), Street Fighter II: The World Warrior became available for free for all platforms through the Capcom Arcade Stadium. Check it out below:

For those unfamiliar, the Arcade Stadium is a collection that brings arcade classics published by capcom from 1984 to 2001 for more current platforms and with graphics and gameplay improvements, as well as new functions such as saving and loading games.

As much as its base version was released for free, it only has the shooter The Battle of Midwaybeing necessary to purchase your other games as DLCs, then the free addition of Street Fighter II really proves to be very interesting for those who love to relive the glorious arcade times.

So, whoever wants to take advantage of this novelty just download Capcom Arcade Stadium on your favorite platform, and use the links below to add The World Warrior to your collection!

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