The power of horsetail herb for health: discover it now and discover that it is past time to add it to your diet

Salvador, June 9, 2022, by Beatriz Maciel – Horsetail herb has become popular here in Brazil, as its benefits have become well known. With that in mind, we at Agro Notícias have brought you tips on how to include horsetail herb in your eating routine.

Many teas are known to be allies of weight loss and horsetail herb tea is one of those. As a natural diuretic, horsetail herb helps eliminate fluids through urine. However, it is always important to remember, teas do not cause the loss of fat, but of water through the urine.

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The power of horsetail herb for health: get to know it now and discover that it is past time to add it to your diet (Image: Pexels)
The power of horsetail herb for health: get to know it now and discover that it is past time to add it to your diet (Image: Pexels)

What is horsetail herb used for?

Horsetail herb has been widely used because it offers benefits, especially to people who have some type of disease that causes high fluid retention, obesity, for example. In this way, this herb can be included in your diet as a form of teas.

As mentioned by Carol Fiacadori, in an article published on July 15, 2021, for the UOL website. Horsetail herb tea is the most consumed in Brazil. Because it has antioxidant properties, this herb has been an important ally in skin health.

So, include this herb tea in your daily life, drinking it at least once a day, every day. However, even with a wide variety of benefits, anything in too much can be harmful. So, consume it in a balanced and conscious way. In addition, you should consult your doctor to confirm that there is no contraindication for this herb for you.

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Horsetail herb tea benefits

The tea of ​​this herb, in addition to helping in the loss of liquids retained by the body and offering benefits for the health of the skin, has other numerous benefits. Here is a list of horsetail herb tea benefits.

Improves bone health

The horsetail has a compound in its composition that is silica. The good news is that this element is able to assist in bone regeneration. Therefore, it is an excellent idea for people who have problems related to this part of the body.

Decreases inflammation

Because it has properties that help strengthen immune system cells, the herb also helps to reduce inflammation. Thus, the tea of ​​this herb helps in the process of disinflammation of some glands;

control diabetes

Some studies carried out indicate that horsetail tea can help control blood sugar. Thus, people who have diabetes can make use of the tea horsetail herb.

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