“We didn’t want to hear”

The presenter did not like to hear of absurd approval

After receiving the news that the exhaustive list was approved by the STJ, last Wednesday (08), Marcos Mion appeared enraged on video and declared that he found it absurd that this had actually happened.

For those who don’t know, the decision means that health plans are no longer required to pay for various types of treatment, including surgeries.

It wouldn’t be for less: both Marcos Mion and several famous people were against the vote. The Globo contractor did not hide his indignation in a video of more than 2 minutes. “Discredited, desolate with the news we received”, he pointed out.

“THE NEWS THATAND WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR… The exhaustive list was approved in the STJ by 6 votes to 3. An absurdity without size that puts the lives of millions of people who depend on a health plan at risk. Yes, the refusal of an exam, a surgery, a treatment, KILLS”, began the commander of the Caldeirão.

For Marcos Mion, citizens need to keep fighting for their rights. He made a point of thanking the few politicians who were on the side of the population in the vote.

Marcos Mion does not hide fury with the news received, it emerges "desolate" and makes a hard rant: "discredited"

Marcos Mion does not hide fury at the news he received, he appears “desolate” and makes a hard rant: “Discredited”

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"Desolate"Marcos Mion receives news, is discredited and explodes in video: "we didn't want to hear"
Marcos Mion, from Caldeirão, was furious with the approval of a taxing role (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

“The fight does not end here and we cannot forget those who were on our side. Thank you very much Minister Nancy Andrighi and Ministers Tarso Sanseverino and Mauro Ribeiro!”, continued the Globo contractor.

Surprisingly, Marcos Mion did not stop talking about those who helped in the approval of the decision considered absurd by much of the country.

“At the same time, let’s not forget those who voted IN FAVOR of the exhaustive list: Luis Felipe Salomão, Villas Bôas Cuevas, Raul Araújo, Isabel Gallotti, Marco Buzzi and Marco Aurélio Bellizze. Let’s stay strong and united. The thud was strong, but the fight continues!”, he concluded.

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