4 herbs to control blood sugar naturally

when the blood glucose increases, insulin production also increases. This is because insulin is the hormone responsible for allowing glucose to enter cells. And inside the cells the glucose turns into energy. When this process occurs, there is a glycemia, that is, amounts of glucose are removed from the blood and sent to the cells.

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types of diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: is characterized by the destruction of pancreatic beta cells, this prevents the production of insulin, causing blood glucose to increase, because glucose cannot enter the cells. This can be autoimmune or when idiopathic, that is, without a known cause. It is usually identified in childhood.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus: about 90% of diagnosed cases are type 2. They are caused by behavioral or genetic factors. They can be caused by factors that include a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and age.

These factors can lead a person to suffer insulin resistance, often the body can even produce insulin, however, it cannot perform its function of pushing glucose into the cells.

This type of diabetes may not cause symptoms initially, so you need to pay attention to your blood glucose levels and, of course, have a healthy lifestyle.

Medicinal herbal teas that lower glucose

In addition to controlling food and following a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to accelerate the low blood glucose with the use of some herbal teas with medicinal effects. Meet some of them.

1 – Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon has a property called hydroxy-methyl-chalcone, which in the body can react similarly to insulin. Therefore, it is a strong ally to control diabetes. Its effects can be achieved through teas, as they help the body to consume glucose more quickly in the blood.

2 – Green tea

By delaying the absorption period of carbohydrate into blood glucose, it is a tea that helps preventing blood sugar levels from rising rapidly after meals. Therefore, it is a smart alternative to consume it right after meals.

3 – São Caetano melon tea

By having hypoglycemic action, this tea helps to lower blood glucose naturally. In addition, tea produces antioxidant, antiviral action and helps to lower high cholesterol.

4 – Mate tea

Mate tea is linked to a decrease of up to 10% in glucose production in people who drink it regularly. Its benefits extend to the restoration and prevention of heart, kidney and vision problems.

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