8-month-old baby dies after injection; parents accuse error and city hall fires doctor

Little Jady Hellena from Jesus Batista, just 8 months old, died on the morning of this Friday, 10, after suffering nine cardiac arrests. For the parents, what caused the stops was the medication applied at the Health Unit of Sao Jose da Bela Vista. The doctor in charge was fired by the City Hall.

According to the mother Edvirgens de Jesus Marques, 19, the baby started to have a fever on Wednesday, the 8th, and was taken to the Health Unit. The child was attended by a doctor, who would have asked the mother if she wanted the child to be medicated.

“The doctor ordered an x-ray and gave an injection that I don’t even know the name of because he didn’t say. I said I could because there wouldn’t be a pharmacy open at the time. When the nurse gave the injection, she was no longer the same. She was fine, smiling, playing and out of nowhere she laid on my shoulder,” said her mother.

After medication, mother and daughter were released, but when Edvirgens got home, she noticed that Jady was shaking. The child was taken to São Joaquim Hospital, but on Friday morning, he could not resist.

“She trembled, became pale and her mouth was white. We took it running to the unit and they have already transferred it to Franca. At the hospital in Franca, she already had a cardiac arrest. She was hospitalized, but after nine stops she died. I want justice. I don’t want money, I don’t want anything. I won’t see her anymore, so I want justice,” the mother continued.

Edvirgens believes that the daughter received an overdose of dipyrone, a drug to which the child was not allergic. “They didn’t find the vial they gave her. Either they disappeared with the ampoule or applied a high dose to it. We went to ask for the chart for the transfer on Wednesday, and they didn’t want to give it. Only this Thursday the document arrived in my hands”, said the mother.

“I’m finished. My daughter was my strength. Everything was for her. I lost the meaning of my life”, concluded Edvirgens.

A police report was registered at the CPJ (Central de Polícia Judiciária) in Franca. The parents informed the Municipality of São José da Bela Vista, which fired the doctor and removed the nurses who worked that day, to investigate the case.

“The Municipal Health Department of São José da Bela Vista informs that measures were taken, after the events that took place at the Municipal Emergency Care on June 8, 2022, and the medical professional on duty is no longer part of the service providers of the hospital. municipality, as well as the entire technical nursing team were removed until all the facts are clarified”, informed the City Hall, through its social networks.

Little Jady will be veiled and buried this Saturday, 11, in São José da Bela Vista.

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