– Cofen will reformulate a resolution that regulates Technical Responsibility in Nursing Federal Nursing Council

New standard will give more tools to self-employed nurses

The Federal Nursing Council (Cofen) established a working group to reformulate Resolution 509/2016, which regulates the annotation and certification of Technical Responsibility (RT) in the area of ​​Nursing. The objective is to cut corners, modernize concepts and standardize RT procedures across the country, to give the category even more possibilities in the world of work, which is increasingly promising. In addition to filling gaps found in the resolution, the new standard will give more tools to nurses and self-employed and liberal nurses who provide technical and consulting services.

According to the coordinator of the working group, counselor Marcio Raleigue, this reformulation arose from the need to think of a resolution that would address all health points, especially in Primary Health Care (PHC) and for Mobile Pre-hospital Care (PHC). ). “We also need to optimize the RT annotation for situations that do not fit the hospital model. We are working with a simple, clear and objective language, to reach a successful conclusion. We are going to modernize the standard and improve it, to end the diversity of interpretations and unify the understanding of the matter throughout the country. We are going to release a manual together, to make the understanding of the standard more didactic”, he says.

RT works in care management, technical area management or teaching management

The working group has already met three times and will define a draft resolution, which will be submitted to the Regional Nursing Councils for consideration and collaboration. After returning and compiling the data, this draft with the contributions will be submitted to the Cofen plenary for approval. “In a broad and democratic way, we will build an understanding that will expand the horizons of Nursing. This is a promising area, where many job opportunities are emerging for our category. Therefore, we know our responsibility. We will act in a technical and essential way, to reduce the bureaucracy of the Annotation of Technical Responsibility (ART) and the Certification of Technical Responsibility (CRT)”, highlights the president of Cofen, Betânia Santos.

RT works in care management, technical area management or teaching management. Invested in the role, the Nursing professional can develop health service waste management programs, manage cleaning and sanitation programs, perform audit services, analyze and control equipment, work with medical and hospital materials and supplies and provide consulting services. generally. These are activities directly linked to the quality of health services and the safety of professionals and patients and that have high added value. The ART or CRT application must be made with the Regional Nursing Councils, under the terms of the legislation in force.

In addition to Raleigue, the Nursing professionals Arthur Antunes, Elizimara Ferreira, Lucas Barreto, James Francisco Pedro dos Santos and Maria Alex Leocadio are collaborators in the work group to reformulate Resolution 509/2016.

Source: Ascom – Cofen

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