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Journalist Dom Phillips and indigenist Bruno Pereira disappeared in the Amazon. Changes in health plans after the decision of the STJ. Nasal spray vaccine against Covid as a possible solution to the end of the pandemic. Child adopted by the mother’s ex years after the woman died. And the little 5-year-old diva who went viral with her big voice.

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British journalist Dom Phillips, a contributor to the newspaper “The Guardian”, and Brazilian indigenist Bruno Pereira were on a trip to interview indigenous people in an investigative work through the Javari Valley, in Amazonas, when they disappeared. In audio, Bruno said he would be back on the 6th, but since Sunday (5th) the two have not been seen.

Justice ordered the arrest of a suspect involved in the case, after finding blood in his speedboat. Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, known as “Pelado”, was spotted by riverside people passing by the river just behind Dom and Bruno’s boat. The search for the two continues, and the federal government has ordered the sending of the National Security Force to the region. In Los Angeles to participate in the Summit of the Americas, President Jair Bolsonaro said that the journalist and the indigenist went on “an adventure” and that he regretted “the worst”.

Changes in health plans

The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) ruled this week that health plan operators do not need to cover procedures that are not listed by the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS). The decision encompasses, for example, coverage of exams, therapies, surgeries and supply of medicines.

The STJ’s understanding represents a change in the jurisprudence that had been applied by most of the country’s courts. Read the full report on what the court’s decision means.

🤓 Experts assess that the NSA list of procedures is very basic and does not include many important treatments – for example, some types of oral chemotherapy and radiotherapy, medicines recently approved by Anvisa and surgeries with robotics techniques. In addition, the ANS limits the number of sessions of some therapies for people with autism and various types of disabilities.

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Nasal spray vaccine against Covid

Although we already know that people with the full Covid vaccination schedule have little or no chance of developing serious cases of the disease, scientists are still studying ways to ensure the end of the pandemic. Creating a nasal spray vaccine may be one of the necessary elements. Vaccinating the nose instead of a muscle in the arm causes the antibodies to already act on the nasal mucosa, the gateway for the virus.

The idea is to attack the virus immediately and not allow it to spread once it enters the airways. Today, when infecting the body, the virus is initially multiplying in the nasal mucosa, where the antibodies generated by current vaccines cannot reach. Scientists also consider it critical that new vaccines work against all variants of SARS-CoV-2.

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  • HOSPITALIZATION: 85% of those hospitalized with Covid in the public network in Rio did not take a booster dose

33 million hungry Brazilians

The number of people without food on a daily basis in Brazil almost doubled from 2020 to 2022. According to a survey by the Brazilian Research Network on Food and Nutrition Sovereignty and Security (PENSSAN Network), the total number increased by 14 million and reached 33.1 millions of Brazilians. “The country has regressed to a level equivalent to that of the 1990s”, highlighted PENSSAN when publishing the results of its second survey. The previous survey had pointed out that the scenario of hunger in the country went back to what was observed in 2004.

Data released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) show that the real monthly income of the population had a record drop. The value went from BRL 2,386 in 2020 to BRL 2,265 in 2021, the lowest value since 2012, when the historical series of the survey began and was estimated at BRL 2,369 (excluding inflation for the period). This decline corresponds to a drop of 5.1%, the most intense in the series.

The QuintoAndar Housing Census, carried out in partnership with Datafolha, announced this week that those who do not have their own property in Brazil pay, on average, 31% of their family income with the payment of rent, which has an average value of R$ 686. The price paid by tenants varies a lot according to the region, being in the Southeast more than twice as much as in the Northeast. See price averages by region here.

Bolsonaro and Biden have their first bilateral meeting in the US — Photo: JN

President Jair Bolsonaro had his first private meeting this week with US President Joe Biden. The meeting took place during the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. Sitting next to Biden, Bolsonaro said that “at times” Brazil feels threatened the sovereignty of the Amazon, defended Brazilian environmental legislation and said that “soon” the country will become “one of the largest exporters of clean energy via green hydrogen.” “. Before Bolsonaro’s speech, Biden told him that Brazil has made “real sacrifices” to protect the Amazon and that the rest of the world should help fund the preservation of the rainforest. According to Biden, preserving the Amazon is an “international responsibility” because the world benefits from protecting the forest. They also talked about topics such as elections, Covid and the War in Ukraine. Read the full report.

Bolsonaro deputies without mandate

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) decided this week to cancel the mandates of federal deputies, in accordance with what the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) had previously decided. By 3 votes to 2, the Second Panel of the Supreme Court decided not to return the mandate to Bolsonar federal deputies Valdevan Novenya (PL-SE) and Fernando Francischini (União-PR). Only the ministers appointed by Bolsonaro, Nunes Marques and André Mendonça, voted in favor of the parliamentarians. Gilmar Mendes, Edson Fachin and Ricardo Lewandowski were against returning the mandates.

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And news to make the heart warm. It’s the story of Rodrigo Medina Lopes, 45, and Bruno Carneiro Lopes, 11. Rodrigo was married to Rejane. They had a daughter and separated. After that, as a result of another relationship, Rejane had Bruno. In 2013, when Bruno was just 2 years old, Rejane died after battling cancer. During all these years, Rodrigo played the role of Bruno’s father, whom he took care of along with his daughter. After 9 years, this week they finally celebrated the achievement of adoption. Now it’s official: Rodrigo is Bruno’s father (also on paper). Read the full story and watch a (very cute!) video of the celebration below:

Video shows moment when father gets permanent adoption in RS

Video shows moment when father gets permanent adoption in RS

A diva is born 🎙️✨

It all started with a viral video of little Laura, 5 years old, singing at a Rio City Hall event, in the auditorium of the Museum of Tomorrow. The girl’s booming voice impressed, and since then her mother hasn’t stopped receiving calls. A fan of lyrical singing, Laura started to sing at home, for family members, but she was not afraid of performing in public and even tried to teach TV Globo reporter Ben Hur to sing like her. “It’s like this: you open your mouth, then force it. AAAAAAA – IIIIIIIII – AAAAAAA – UUUUUUUUU” (see the video below). For Pedro Olivero, singer of the Choir of the Municipal Theater of Rio, Laurinha is pure talent: “She goes far!”.

Laurinha, the little carioca diva, surprises reporter

Laurinha, the little carioca diva, surprises reporter

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