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Apps available for download on Android phones can warn you when intruders try to tamper with your phone without permission. The apps are able to take selfies of intruders, in addition to informing the exact time of the last screen unlock and, in some cases, even triggering audible alarms to alert the smartphone owner of a possible theft. Here’s a list of four apps that can be useful to find out who tried to unlock your device without your consent.

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How do I know if my cell phone has been tampered with? List brings four app options that alert possible intruders — Photo: Pond5

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CrookCatcher has an app available only for Android, and it brings an interesting proposal: when someone tries to unlock the phone repeatedly and misses the password, the app takes a selfie and sends the photo of the “nosybody” by email, with the location of the cell phone at the time the attempts were made — that is, of course, if location permission is enabled.

The app needs a specific permission to work and requires the user to enable the “device administrator” option. With this feature enabled, the user grants the app some attributions, and allows it to monitor the number of incorrectly entered passwords and even erase the data from the device if there are too many wrong attempts. Despite this, CrookCatcher guarantees that it does not delete any user data.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that this type of authorization can be a little invasive. Therefore, before installing the app and granting permissions, check the terms of use and privacy policies to understand if the application works in accordance with your wishes.

CrookCatcher takes selfies of intruders who try to tamper with your cell phone — Photo: Reproduction/Clara Fabro

It is also worth mentioning that with the administrator app function granted, it is not possible to uninstall the mobile crookcatcher by conventional means. So, if you want to remove it from your phone, you will first have to disable the permission. In addition, Crookcatcher only recognizes passwords and patterns with more than four digits – so if you use the screen lock only by digital, the platform should not work.

The platform also has some premium features, which can be unlocked for R$ 6. Among the paid functions are the triggering of an alarm if there are many unsuccessful unlocking attempts, the option to disguise the app on the cell phone, capturing audios 15 seconds and an option to show a message on the device screen for the attacker to read. The app also displays advertising, which is stopped with the subscription.

2. Use ThirdEye app to take photo of intruder

Like CrookCatcher, ThirdEye also takes selfies to notify the user if someone tries to enter the cell phone. The platform is only available for Android and, like CrookCatcher, it also requires access to the admin app permission — in addition to requesting access to override other apps.

With ThirdEye installed on the cell phone, the user receives alerts whenever they try to unlock the smartphone and make a mistake. That way, when the owner of the device has the cell phone, he can check the time when the screen was last unlocked — which allows you to know if someone has used the device before. In addition, you can also check photos of the intruder, in case there have been incorrect unlocking attempts.

Third Eye notifies the user if an intruder tries to touch his cell phone — Photo: Reproduction/Adriano Ferreira

The selfies of possible intruders are available in the “Photo Log” tab, with the time the photos were taken. In “General” it is possible to check more information about the periods in which the cell phone was unlocked. In “Unlock Log”, for example, you can check the exact times the device was accessed and the average usage time after unlocking.

The platform also has a paid version, which costs R$ 2.99. Despite this, the premium version of the service does not unlock new features, it only removes the display of ads.

3. Use the WTWP app to find out how many password login attempts were made

Another app that can be useful to know if someone else has tried to access the cell phone is WTWP (Who took my phone?). Like the others, the platform is also able to report how many access attempts were made on the device, bring information such as the time the cell phone was unlocked and even show a selfie of those who moved the cell phone.

In addition, WTWP also informs you when there are unsuccessful unlock attempts. So, when an intruder tries to access the phone and misses the password five times in a row, it will be possible to check a notification with the “Device not unlocked” alert on the app’s home screen.

The WTWP allows you to check how many times the phone has been unlocked — Photo: Reproduction/Clara Fabro

4. Use app Don’t touch my phone! to trigger an alarm after unlocking attempts

O Do not touch my cell phone! It can also help you find out if someone has tried to tamper with your smartphone without consent. Through the app, it is possible to activate a motion alarm that sounds whenever the owner is away from the cell phone. That way, if someone tries to pick up the device or disconnect it from the charger, for example, the app triggers an audible alert that is only deactivated when the phone is unlocked and the “Stop” button is pressed.

Through the platform, it is still possible to set a PIN to add an extra layer of protection to the app. In this way, it will be necessary to unlock the cell phone and provide the PIN of the application itself to stop the alarm. O Do not touch my cell phone! is only available for Android and also has a premium version. The paid modality, which costs R$ 2.99, does not offer extra functions, it only pauses the display of ads.

O Do not touch my cell phone! allows you to activate a motion alarm that triggers an audible alert — Photo: Reproduction/Clara Fabro

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