Sertanejo team Conrado says he feels severe pain

Hospitalized for a month, country singer Conrado is still in the process of recovery after suffering a bus accident on the road

the country singer Conradwho was a duo with the singer Alexander, remains hospitalized in a registry hospital, in the interior of São Paulo, since he suffered a bus accident about a month ago. In the accident, his duo partner and other band members died. Meanwhile, Conrado and a friend were injured and are hospitalized.

This week, Conrado’s team reported that he is in a slow healing process and in pain from his injuries. So, they asked fans to pray for the artist.

“Hi people, how are you? A lot of faith and prayer around here. Our João (Conrado) is still in severe pain. It is a slow healing process. Really painful. We believe too much in God and in Our Lady. And we believe that the power of prayer changes what is not within human reach! Well, thank God he is having all the necessary support in the hospital. But what he needs most now is our prayers. So let’s continue in this prayer chain. Not only for João, but also for Julio and for everyone who is going through situations of illness”they wrote.

Conrado left the ICU a few days ago and is in the hospital ward.

Message from Conrado’s team:

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