Understand what may be behind the swelling that keeps Joelma hospitalized in SP

The singer Joelma became the subject in the last few days after doing shows in Brazil with a very swollen face. Since last Monday (6), the artist has been hospitalized at Hospital São Luiz, in São Paulo, for a check-up.

According to the latest medical bulletin, released yesterday afternoon (9), “a picture of esophagitis, gastritis and edema, complications possibly resulting from infection by the coronavirus“. Joelma had already calmed the fans in one of the concerts of the tour. This is Calypso.

“A month ago I got my fourth Covid, and every time I get the sequels they see them all again. It’s a lot of swelling, a lot of allergy, it’s a lot. It’s a lot, but I don’t give up”, explained the singer.

Joelma caught Covid four times, and the side effects of corticosteroids, used in some infected patients, may be the answer to the concern of fans in the face of swelling in the singer’s face.

“The use of corticosteroids can cause the accumulation of fluid and swelling in the face region. In addition, there are also some diseases that lead to the excess production of our endogenous corticosteroid, the so-called cortisol, when we have tumors in the adrenal gland. [por exemplo]. In both cases, the individual has the same condition, which is called Cushing’s syndrome. There is also a term that we use that comes from English called ‘moon face’, which is the ‘full moon face’, because it is only on the face, with the cheek enlarged”, explains Américo Cuvello Neto, nephrologist and general practitioner at the Hospital German Oswaldo Cruz.

In an interview with Spectacular Sundaygives record TV, in April last year, the singer said she had the same problem. “I was completely deformed, bigger than a nine-month pregnant woman,” she lamented at the time.

Edema tends to go away from one to three months after stopping the drug, but the doctor warns that “if the patient starts taking it again, he can get swollen again.” In the case of treatment against Covid-19, science indicates the drug in moderate to severe cases for a period of up to ten days.

“The drug is for a certain time. After ten days, we still don’t have evidence that it will help the patient. If the person takes steroids continuously at high doses, this swelling will take longer to subside. Usually, it subsides later. to stop from one to three months and a maximum of six months”, highlights Cuvello.

According to the medical bulletin, “during hospitalization, there was a significant improvement in the edema picture”.

Like corticosteroids, Covid-19 can also lead to kidney problems, so it is necessary to investigate whether the kidneys are functioning well. “Covid can cause kidney problems, and swelling is the result of that. Most of the time, when the infection improves, the person recovers kidney function. But some patients are left with chronic kidney dysfunction, and it can have a tendency for swelling”, warns the nephrologist.

Corticosteroids can also be the villains of the other problems faced by Joelma, gastritis and esophagitis.

“The use of corticosteroids and anti-inflammatories ends up decreasing the production of the mucous barrier, which serves as protection for the stomach. This ends up causing the acid to be in direct contact with the gastric mucosa, causing inflammation or worsening the conditions of gastritis.” and esophagitis”, says Gustavo Patury, digestive system surgeon and bariatric surgeon.

In addition to medication, stress and anxiety are factors that can worsen problems in the digestive system.

Joelma’s discharge forecast is for the weekend, and she guarantees that she won’t stop the tour This is Calypso and will keep the show schedule. So much so that he posted on his Instagram account a photo in which he is editing the DVD of the concert at the hospital.

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