Vaccination points against Covid-19 register queues and intense movement in Salvador | Bahia

Some points of vaccination against Covid-19 registered intense movement in Salvador, on the morning of this Friday (10). The city hall of the capital of Bahia carries out a 4th dose collective effort for people over 50 and health professionals over 18.

Amid an increase in cases of Covid-19 in Bahia, the Health Department (Sesab) announced, on Wednesday (8), that of the 11.6 million people vaccinated with the 1st and 2nd doses against Covid-19 19 in the state, about 6.1 million did not return to the posts to reinforce immunization.

At around 12:00, several people were waiting in a long line, at USF Vale do Matatu, in the Brotas neighborhood, to be immunized.

At around 12:00, several people were waiting in a long line, at USF Vale do Matatu, in the Brotas neighborhood, to be immunized. — Photo: Reproduction / TV Bahia

The movement was also intense in the drive-thru of Shopping Bela Vista and in the 5th Center, where the line reached the Barra region.

Currently, there are 933 active cases of Covid-19 in Salvador, with 14% occupancy of clinical beds and 25% of ICU for adults.

Through a note, the Municipal Health Department (SMS) reported that to facilitate access to doses of the vaccine against Covid-19, the folder expanded the number of immunization posts, including the implementation of three drive thru points on the 5th. Health Center, Shopping Bela Vista and Atakadão Atakarejo, by Fazenda Coutos.

He also stated that despite the great demand for the service in some posts in the city, which impacts on the waiting time for the application of the immunizer, the flow of care continues normally. The vaccination effort will also take place on Saturday (11) from 8 am to 4 pm.

As of this Friday (10), the City Hall of Salvador started the application of the 4th dose for people aged 50 or over and for health workers aged 18 years or over. [Veja a lista dos postos no final da reportagem]

To access the booster, people aged 50 and healthcare workers must have a four-month interval from receiving the booster, that is, until February 10, 2022.

Immunization will also carry out the “Liberou Geral” strategy for the application of the 1st dose in people aged 12 years and over, in addition to the 2nd and booster dose for individuals aged 18 or over, regardless of being a resident of the Bahian capital. The only requirement is to have the SUS card linked to a municipality in Bahia.

The interested party must present the original and copy of the vaccination card, national digital vaccination card (Updated ConnectSUS), photo identification document and proof of residence.

The other groups not included in the “Liberou Geral” strategy must reside in Salvador and have their name listed on the Municipal Health Department (SMS) website. It also follows the vaccination for children aged 5 to 11 years in educational institutions in the capital of Bahia. The stations are open from 8 am to 4 pm.


  • Fixed posts: USF Lealdina Barros (Vale da Muriçoca), USF Menino Joel (Northeast of Amaralina), USF Alto das Pombas, USF Garcia, USF Parque de Pituaçu, USF Vale do Matatu, UBS Manoel Victorino (Brotas), USF Santa Luzia (Engenho Velho de Brotas), UBS Eunísio Teixeira (Saboeiro), USF Arraial do Retiro, USF Saramandaia, USF Cajazeiras V, USF Cajazeiras XI, USF Cajazeiras IV, UBS Péricles Cardoso (Barbalho), USF Gamboa, UBS Ministro Alkimin, USF Joanes Centro Oeste, USF Jardim das Margaridas, UBS Orlando Imbassahy (Neighborhood of Peace), USF Mussurunga I, UBS São Cristóvão, USF Vila Verde, UBS José Mariane (Itapuã), USF Nova Esperança, USF San Martim III, 16th Pau Miúdo Health Center, Multicentro Liberdade, USF Gal Costa, USF João Roma Filho (Jardim Nova Esperança), USF Nova Brasília, UBS Castelo Branco, USF São Marcos, USF Pirajá, UBS Frei Benjamin (Valéria), USF Capelinha, UBS Sérgio Arouca (Paripe), USF São Tomé de Paripe, USF São João do Cabrito, USF Colinas de Periperi, USF Alto da Terezinha, USF Fazen from Coutos III, USF Alto de Coutos I, USF Bom Jesus dos Passos, USF Ilha de Maré and USF Paramana.


  • Exclusive booster drive-thru for teens aged 12 to 17; 4th dose for adults 50 years and older; and 4th dose for healthcare workers aged 18 or over: Atakadão Atakarejo (Fazenda Coutos), Shopping Bela Vista (9am to 4pm) and 5th Health Center (Barris).
  • Fixed posts: USF Sabino Silva (Northeast of Amaralina), 5th Health Center, USF Federation, USF Santa Cruz (8:00 am to 2:30 pm), USF Calabar, UBS César Araújo (Boca do Rio), USF Curralinho, USF Pituaçu, USF Imbuí, UBS Mário Andréa (Sete Portas), USF Santa Luzia (Engenho Velho de Brotas), UBS Cosme de Farias, USF Vale do Matatu, USF Sussuarana, USF Arraial do Retiro, USF Calabetão, USF Resgate, USF Mata Escura, USF Estradas das Barreiras, USF Fernando Filgueiras (Cabula VI), CSU Pernambués, UBS Nelson Piauhy Dourado (Águas Claras), USF Cajazeiras X, USF Boca da Mata, USF Yolanda Pires, UBS Ramiro de Azevedo (Campo da Pólvora), USF Terreiro de Jesus, UBS Virgílio de Carvalho (Bonfim), USF Joanes Leste, USF Joanes Centro Oeste, USF São Cristóvão, USF Alto do Coqueirinho, USF km17 (Itapuã), UBS Eduardo Mamede (Mussurunga), USF Parque São Cristóvão, USF Jardim Campo Verde, USF Coração de Maria, USF Aristides Maltez (São Cristóvão), USF Ceasa I and II, USF Itapuã, Ferreira Costa (Av. Paralela), USF Santa Mônica, US F San Martin I, USF IAPI, USF San Martim III, USF Cambonas (Via Regional), USF São Marcos, UBS Sete de Abril, USF Dom Avelar, USF Boa Vista de São Caetano, USF Recanto da Lagoa II, USF Antonio Lazzarotto ( Platform), UBS Péricles Laranjeiras (Fazenda Grande do Retiro), USF Deputy Luiz Braga (Pirajá), USF San Martin II, USF Alto do Peru, USF Alto do Cabrito, USF Vista Alegre, USF Itacaranha, USF Beira Mangue, USF Alto de Coutos II, USF Plataforma, USF Tubarão, USF Teotônio Vilela II, USF Alto do Cruzeiro, USF Nova Constitunte, USF Alto do Congo, USF Periperi, USF Bom Jesus dos Passos, USF Ilha de Maré and USF Paramana.

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