Why should I take the 4th dose of the Covid vaccine

Curitiba started this week the application of the fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine for the population aged 50 and over. This is the second booster dose for those who have adhered to the first and second application schedule. See calendar at the end.

There are those who can’t wait to receive the vaccine and ensure complete immunization within the recommended period. Likewise, there are those who question a new layer of shielding against the coronavirus: Why should I take the 4th dose of the Covid vaccine, if I’ve already had 3?

Why should I take the 4th dose of the Covid vaccine, if I've already had 3?  Understand why it doesn't work that way
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The report of B band looked for the infectious disease doctor Bernardo Almeida, from Curitiba, and he explains that it doesn’t work well. According to him, although the effectiveness of the vaccine remains high in preventing serious cases and deaths from coronavirus, there is a slow decline in its efficiency.

“The big question in relation to the fourth dose – or second booster vaccine – is in the sense that immunity drops over time. This drop is very rapid from the point of view of effectiveness to prevent infection. This explains why we are having this new wave. Many people who were vaccinated or who even got the previous infection are getting it again,”

says the expert.

According to Almeida, booster doses partially rescue this effectiveness, and it is possible to significantly increase it. “This is confirmed by studies in which the fourth dose of the population has already been performed, such as Israel, the USA and the United Kingdom, compared to those who only received the third dose. It helps to decrease the chance of complications related to infection and the burden on the healthcare system as well.”

The fourth dose should be recommended for all age groups that were previously included in the vaccination schedule. In particular, elderly people or people with comorbidities, who are the greatest candidates to have complications as a result of contamination.

“They are totally a priority and it is highly recommended that they perform the fourth dose, to obtain the maximum possible protection, considering that many cases are occurring in this new wave. That’s what everyone wants, to avoid any complications”, guides the infectologist.

In Paraná, according to data from the national system, about 4.3 million people did not take the booster dose. Failure to follow the schedule compromises efforts to combat the disease, as the virus is left to circulate, making the battle even more arduous.

In Curitiba, adherence to the first doses was high: 86% of the general public (1,676,122 people), including children, received the first dose 1st dose; and 83% (1,618,722) the second application. There are still no data released on adherence to the third dose and an estimate for the fourth dose in the capital.

Progress in reinforcement

Since the vaccination schedule started in Brazil, the month of May 2022 has been considered the month with the lowest progress in immunization against Covid-19. The application of the third dose of the vaccine fell by about 57.6% in the first 15 days of May, compared to April.

It is estimated that four out of ten Brazilians able to take the third dose, that is, people over 18 years old and who have taken the second dose for more than four months, have not taken protection booster.

Vaccination of the 4th dose for people aged 50 years or older is carried out staggered from the fourth (8th), by age group starting from the oldest. This Friday (10), people born in 1965, who received the 3rd dose until 2/10/2022, are being vaccinated.

On the first day of the calendar for the fourth dose, those born in 1962 and 1963 (people aged 59 or who will still complete in 2022) were vaccinated. On Thursday (9), it was the turn of those born until 1964, vaccinated with the 3rd dose until 2/9/2022.

Immunization with this new dose respects a minimum interval of four months from the 1st booster (or 3rd dose, for those who have an initial vaccination schedule with Coronavac, AstraZeneca or Pfizer; for those who received Janssen, the 1st booster is equivalent to the 2nd dose) .

The vaccine to be used for the booster dose must be from the mRNA platform (Pfizer) or viral vector (Janssen or AstraZeneca).

where to vaccinate

Vaccination against covid-19 takes place in 107 health units for people aged 12 and over (including pregnant women). 1st and 2nd dose recaps and booster doses are available in all.

Vaccination of the 1st or 2nd dose for children aged 5 to 11 years, who use specific immunizing agents (pediatric Pfizer – orange cap – or Coronavac) is carried out in ten health units in Curitiba. Check the addresses of the places on the Imuniza Já Curitiba website.

For the vaccination of booster doses, it is necessary to present a photo document and CPF. If the person is not yet registered at a health unit in the municipality, they must also present proof of residence with an address in Curitiba. In health facilities, the use of masks is recommended.

Vaccination 4th dose – check the full calendar for +50

Vaccination from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm

This week (8-10/6)
6/9 (Thursday) – People born in 1964, vaccinated with 3rd dose until 2/9/2022 and recaps;
10/6 (Friday) – People born in 1965, vaccinated with the 3rd dose until 10/2/2022 and recaps;

Next week (13-17/6)
6/13 (Monday) – People born in 1966, vaccinated with the 3rd dose until 2/13/2022 and recaps;
6/14 (Tuesday) – People born in 1967, vaccinated with 3rd dose until 2/14/2022 and recaps;
6/15 (Wednesday) – People born in 1968, vaccinated with the 3rd dose until 2/15/2022 and recaps;
6/16 (Thursday) – Corpus Christi holiday – no vaccinations
6/17 (Friday) – People born in 1969, vaccinated with 3rd dose until 2/17/2022 and recaps;

Week from 6/20 to 6/24
6/20 (Monday) – People born in 1970, vaccinated with 3rd dose until 2/20/2022 and recaps;
6/21 (Tuesday) – People born in 1971 and 1972 (50 years old at the time of vaccination), vaccinated with the 3rd dose until 2/21/2022 and recaps.

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