Xbox’s Sarah Bond talks more about Project Moorcroft

Unveiled yesterday, Project Moorcroft is a Microsoft initiative that will introduce access to game demos on Game Pass, its popular subscription service for consoles, PC and mobile devices.

This Microsoft project is in a way the answer to Sony’s initiative with its recent Trials PlayStation Plus.

But now we have some more information, revealed by Xbox’s Sarah Bond. She addresses the topic, revealing that it will be an excellent opportunity for both Game Pass subscribers and game creators who can showcase their work and create excitement before launch.

In the short video she enthusiastically mentions that this way many creators can take a small part of their games, turning it into a demo that will be available on Game Pass.

Game demos have always existed, but have fallen out of favor over the years. Sarah Bond’s words suggest that both Sony and Microsoft are reinventing the wheel.

“I’m happy to finally talk about Project Moorcroft – bringing new demos to #XboxGamePass members at no extra cost. Helping fans discover great games ahead of their release and for creators to build excitement for their games in advance. More information coming soon. .”

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