Goodbye swollen belly: know the 3 best fruits to deflate

Quatis, June 10, 2022, by Denise Bamonte – Fruits have properties that contribute to the proper functioning of our body. That’s why today, at Agro Notícias, we’ll get to know three efficient fruits for those who suffer from swollen belly.

Each food has specific nutrients that have a different effect on health. If you experience discomfort, indigestion and are left with swollen bellycheck out the three options of fruits with the power to improve the situation below.

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Goodbye bloated belly: know the 3 best fruits to deflate - Photo: Pexels
Goodbye swollen belly: know the 3 best fruits to deflate – Photo: Pexels

Fruits that help to deflate the belly

It’s not pleasant to feel heavy and still bothered by belly bloating. However, it can be a relief to know that eating healthy foods can solve the problem and even improve your diet.


According to an article on the website Terra, made on April 11, 2014, bananas help to deflate the abdominal region. Thus, one of the most popular, economical and simple fruits to find, through potassium, it manages to discard the excess sodium that exists in the body. Remembering that consuming too much salt can cause fluid retention and, consequently, swelling.

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This fruit has an enzyme called bromelain, responsible for facilitating the digestion process. In addition, the food is rich in fibers that improve the performance of the intestines, relieving flatulence and bloating.


Last but not least, melon also helps to soften the bloated belly through its nutrients. Rich in vitamin B, potassium and water, the fruit intensely hydrates the body, eliminating the toxins that cause abdominal discomfort.

Therefore, consume these fruits daily in snacks or breakfast, accompanying your favorite meal. It is also possible to blend juices by mixing the fruits or incorporate them into salads for lunch. Take the test for a few weeks and see the difference in your well-being and appearance.

Now that you know how to fight swollen belly, It’s time to add these fruits to your food routine. So, if you liked the content, be sure to share this article with those who also need the information.

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