The Last Faith, the “Platformer Bloodborne”, arrives in 2022

The Last Faith, a game with the same “vibe” as Bloodborne, but with platform elements, will have versions for PS4 and PS5. The game stole the show during the Future Games Show with a metroidvania feel inspired by the FromSoftware franchise.

The title’s premiere date has not been revealed, but the devs plan to release it sometime in 2022. Check out the trailer:

The Kumi Souls Game (via Steam), classifies The Last Faith as a fusion of metroidvania and soulslike. The focus of gameplay is combat, and players will have an arsenal of executions to finish off creatures encountered along the way.

To keep the gameplay interesting, various equipment options such as scythes, axes and firearms will be presented along your journey. Exploration is not linear, so enjoy the freedom to choose your destination as you visit castles, mountains and other gothic scenery.

In The Last Faith, players will control Eric

Eric is the protagonist of The Lost Faith, and he has to overcome several challenges to try to recover his memory. The warrior finds himself in a race against time not to lose his mind and consciousness to a mysterious deterioration process.

Your enemies? Nothing less than deities and myths of ancient religions. In the coming months, the release date should be announced.

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