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s oA Xbox Live is off the air this Saturday (11), which makes it impossible to access online matches and launch Xbox games, Microsoft’s video game. “We are aware that some users may not be able to access or launch games at this time. Please stay tuned for updates,” the brand said in a post. Users turned to social networks to complain about the problem on the platform that has more than 100 million fans.

The first reports that the Xbox does not connect to the internet started at 16:22, according to the platform DownDetector, which records the unavailability of online services. the pan seems to affect Brazil and other countries, as there are posts on Twitter in several languages ​​pointing to the same difficulty. Per hour there is no prediction about the time it will take to normalize the service.

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The company recently announced the Xbox App TV, which will allow you to play games on smart TVs without relying on a console — Photo: Disclosure/Xbox

Xbox maintains a page dedicated to reporting the status of various services. All were listed as operative at 16:42, despite complaints on social networks. Subsequently, Xbox’s Twitter profile confirmed that Xbox Live has crashed on the planet.

Xbox Live Gold Subscription costs R$34.99 per month or R$85.99 per quarter. The titles released in June are Aven Colony, Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition, Super Meat Boy and Raskulls.

Update at 18:39 – The Xbox profile spoke again to let you know that the crash was resolved. The message reads: “Users should be able to re-authenticate to Xbox Live, register new consoles, and launch games and apps. Thanks to everyone who let us know about this.”

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