Director of ANS: ‘We are not executioners’

ANS Director: We are not executioners

Photo: ANS

After announcing a readjustment of 15.5% in the value of health plans and defend the exhaustive list of procedures to be paid by operatorsa National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) has been the target of a lot of criticism in the last few days.. In an interview with Estadão, the director-president of ANS, Paulo Rebello (photo), stated that there is a lot of misunderstanding about the role of the agency and that he can no longer stand being accused of defending the operators.

Asked about the controversy surrounding the taxing rolehe stated:

“People accuse us of defending operators. Our job is to defend the beneficiary, guarantee a quality service. Obviously, if we put this under the logic of the exemplary role, what will happen? First, one of the principles enshrined in the regulatory framework (Health Plans Law 9656/98) is to be able to establish an exhaustive list, to have predictability in what is being placed. If you start not having criteria, we have a problem from an economic point of view, the cost will increase. […] It seems that we are the executioner, that we do not want to serve the beneficiary. Quite the opposite.”

Regarding the 15.5% increase in the value of health plans, Rebello said:

“We worked for almost a year to make this standard, we took it to the TCU, to the Ministry of Economy. USP spoke, FGV spoke out. Here comes an action by the Sustainability Network questioning the increase and it doesn’t criticize the methodology used, it doesn’t criticize anything. That’s the problem. The moment we are living is one of inflation everywhere. It has 49% in fuel, 15% in housing, 25% in energy. If you look at the context of the pandemic, considering that in 2021 the readjustment was negative, putting these two years together, we will have a readjustment of 6%. It gives 3% a year, considering these two years.”

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