Phil Spencer has had enough of events with CG trailers as Sony releases GOTYs

The 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Showcase was an incredibly strong, gameplay-packed event, something that had its origins in Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer’s willingness to change the trend of CG teaser-focused events while the competition launched high-end games. feedback.

During the FanFest that took place before this year’s Showcase, Spencer immediately added that “today is really a gameplay event”.

“Don’t look at already revealed information out there. Close your eyes, your ears, I think this event has a lot of surprises, some great games that people are waiting for and a lot of new games that people haven’t seen yet.”

Spencer further said that Microsoft has listened to feedback over the past two years and fans have been steadfast in their desire for an event with more gameplay.

“To show what these games will be like when you have your controller in your hand,” was the main objective of this event, a change led by Phil Spencer himself who, according to Jeff Grubb, was frustrated by the 2021 event.

According to Grubb, Spencer was very frustrated before the 2021 Xbox Showcase began, which led to him talking internally about how Sony continually releases GOTY quality games while Xbox shows CG trailers.

Spencer’s irritation in 2021 was the starting point to completely change the 2022 event and as you well know, gameplay dominated.

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