Revenue Auction has iPad Mini from R$100, iPhones and more | Economy

Revenue Auction has iPad Mini from R$100, iPhones and more
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Revenue Auction has iPad Mini from R$100, iPhones and more

The IRS seizes many products for a variety of reasons. From time to time, she auctions off the goods, and there are almost always very interesting minimum bids. In the coming weeks, the agency will hold an auction with iPad Mini from R$100, iPhones, Apple Watch, audio equipment and more.

Auctions are held in batches, which can range from one to thousands of items. The São Paulo auction has several with a single product.

O lot 1
, for example, is that of the title’s iPad Mini. The initial value is R$ 100. Another interesting lot is the 12
which features an Apple Watch Series 6 and three bracelets with bids starting at R$600.

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It doesn’t stop there. Want iPhone? O lot 4
has an iPhone XR for R$1,000. Those who like sound will find equipment from Bose, Sennheiser and Bang & Olufsen in lots 18, 19, 20, 22, 24 and 25

Finally, a curious batch: the pack 47
has over 20 old iPhones (from iPhone 8 onwards), 9 Google Pixel 3A, 11 LG V60 and more smartphones, cases and accessories. But, with bids starting at R$9,000, it shouldn’t attract many people.

How to participate in the auction?

The Federal Revenue’s auctions have lots destined to individuals or legal entities. You can participate, but the process is a little complicated.

  1. Obtain a digital certificate (purchased separately).
  2. Get an access code through the e-CAC Portal.
  3. Look for the notice on the IRS website. The number is 0817600/000002/2022.
  4. Make your proposal.

The Revenue will receive bids between June 14 at 8 am and June 27 at 8 pm. The bidding session is scheduled for June 28 at 11 am. All times are from Brasilia.

If you want to participate, keep in mind that the Revenue doesn’t deliver
. You have to go to the pick up location. All lots in this auction are at São Paulo International Airport, in the city of Guarulhos (SP), neighboring the capital.

Highlight lots

O technoblog
selected some batches that stand out in the following table.

Batchminimum bidProducts
1BRL 100.001x iPad mini
twoBRL 900.001x LG Style 6
2x Sony WF-1000XM3
3BRL 1,000.001x LG Style 6
4BRL 1,000.001x iPhone XR
5BRL 400.001x Xiaomi Mi 9SE
6BRL 600.001x Xiaomi Mi 9SE
1x Bose Soundlink Micro
8BRL 400.001x Garmin Fenix ​​6
11BRL 350.001x Fitbit Sense
12BRL 600.001x Apple Watch series 6
3x Watch straps
15BRL 400.001x DJI OM4
1x AirPods
18BRL 300.001x Bose Soundlink Resolve
19BRL 300.001x Bose QuietComfort Earbuds
20BRL 300.001x Bose Sleepbuds II
22BRL 300.001x Sennheiser Momentum 3
24BRL 300.001x B&O A1
25BRL 150.001x Bose SoundLink Micro
39BRL 3,000.002x Huawei Mate 40
1x Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro
47BRL 9,000.001x Huawei P30
1x Blackview A70
2x iPhone 6S
1x Redmi Note 8
9x Pixel 3A
15x miscellaneous iPhones
1x iPhone 8 Plus
1x LG K5
11x LG V60
1x Infinix Zero
1x Xiaomi 10
2x iPhone 6
1x iPhone 7 Plus
6x iPhone 7
1x iPhone SE
chargers, parts and other accessories

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Revenue Auction has iPad Mini from R$100, iPhones and more

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