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Changes in the climate that occur according to the seasons can affect the price of fruits and vegetables – which rise or fall according to the quantity produced, among other things. To eat healthy all year round, but without spending too much, a strategy that works well is to look for vegetables typical of the season.

In the month of June, you will find a good supply of pumpkin, chayote, yams and yams, as well as fruits such as persimmon and kiwi. Include these and other foods in meals to maintain a varied menu with good nutritional quality.

Kiwi boosts immune system and good mood

Take advantage of the kiwi season to reap the benefits of this fruit. It is a source of vitamins C, complex B and E; antioxidant compounds, fiber and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and zinc, in addition to being low in calories.

Its nutritional properties help to strengthen the immune system, fight premature aging, regulate the gut, protect heart health, minimize stress and improve mood.

And kiwi is present on this week’s menus Menus for Emagrecer, a Live well prepared by nutritionist Victor Machado. In him, UOL subscribers receive 5 healthy menus every week, with five meals each. Subscribe to UOL and see all the menus of the week, in addition to other exclusive content.

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