Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will have PS4 and PS5 versions

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, announced for Microsoft platforms (Xbox and PC) at the showcase on Sunday (12), will also have versions for PS4 and PS5. With producers Bloodborne and NiOh, the project will arrive in early 2023, according to publisher Koei Tecmo.

The dark fantasy game will take players to battle an infestation of demons in the Three Kingdoms of the Later Han Dynasty — founded in 947, this was one of the shortest Chinese regimes and lasted just three years. The action game will put hack n’ slash fans in control of a soldier with mastery of sword fighting.

As can be seen in the reveal trailer, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty features frantic combat. According to developer Team Ninja, players will need to “overcome opponents with a blast of force in intense and bloody battles while mastering the precision and skill needed to become a true sword master.”

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
(Source: Team Ninja/Gematsu)

Bloodborne and NiOh Producers Work on Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Bloodborne producer Masaaki Yamagiwa and NiOh director Fumihiko Yasuda joined forces to produce Wo Long Fallen Destiny. In this way, the expectation around the combat and the difficulty to defeat the creatures goes up a level for fans of this type of challenge.

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