Address error makes Uber ride more than R$1,000 – News

An incorrectly entered address generated a charge of BRL 973.93 for an Uber ride last Saturday (11), in João Pessoa (PB). The case happened with producer and DJ Adriano Gomes, who posted the image of the receipt, in the total amount of R$ 1,081.39, on his Twitter profile. When questioned, the company states, through a note, that, as the race did not go to the wrong destination, the user will be refunded.

In the post, Adriano wrote: “And @Uber_Brasil that simply charged more than a thousand in a small race and still gave the excuse that it was dynamic price. There’s no logic, even if I had traveled João Pessoa all I would give that value”.

Following the publication, the producer reported that he had already contacted the company, through the app itself, to question the price paid. He also posted the response he received:

“We have verified that you have already contacted my app help. As informed, we have reviewed your trip and your case and found that during your trip there was a dynamic price of 2.2x. However, this dynamic price was already included in the amount that was shown to you before starting the trip, and that’s what you paid. Any other questions, call us!’

According to Uber, the R$ 1,081.39 was charged because the passenger, already inside the car, when changing the informed destination, would have incorrectly typed an address in another city, more than 150 km away from the boarding point.

Read the note sent by the company to R7 report:

“After having the trip confirmed, the user requested a change of route to include a new stop located in another municipality, more than 150 kilometers away from the origin address, hence the difference in value. did not follow the new requested route, a new value was recalculated and the excess will be refunded to the user”.

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