candidate dies after physical fitness test

A candidate for the public contest of the Military Police of Ceará died after feeling sick during the physical fitness test, held in the city of Fortaleza.

Darlene Sonaria Ferreira was a dentist and was approved in the objective tests of the PM CE contest, for the position of Second Lieutenant of the Staff of Complementary Officers. According to the victim’s cousin, she suffered a heart attack during one of the TAF tests (physical fitness test). Darlene was attended by the medical team at the scene and was sent, conscious, to the hospital, but she couldn’t resist and ended up dying.

The Secretary of Public Security regretted the death of the candidate and stressed that this stage of the contest is the responsibility of the organizing committee, Vunesp, and also informed that all candidates previously presented a medical certificate attesting to good health, in addition to signing disclaimer for carrying out the physical fitness test.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to the public notice in progress, PM CE expects to publish more two edicts soon, check it out:

pm ce contest course

The first public notice would be for the position of Officialwith 150 vacancies immediate, in addition to 150 vacancies for formation of reserve register. This event is already with the chosen bank, Idecan. Find out more here!

The second call for tender PM CE is also scheduled to be held in 2022 and will offer 1,000 vacancies for the post of Soldier. Check out more details here!

Initial remuneration can reach up to BRL 7,012.59.

Candidates for the PM CE Officers contest will be evaluated through the following phases:

  • Intellectual exam (objective test) – (100 items, 40 of which are basic knowledge and 60 are specific knowledge);
  • Heteroidentification assessment (quota holders);
  • Health Inspection (medical, biomedical, dental and toxicological exams);
  • psychological assessment
  • Physical fitness test (TAF); and
  • Social investigation.


PM CE Officials Contest

  • Situation: defined bank
  • Organizing bank: ideal
  • vacancies: 150 immediate + 150 in reserve registration
  • Office: Official
  • Education: higher level
  • last public notice

PM CE Soldiers Contest

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