– Cofen opens public consultation on suture procedure Federal Council of Nursing

The Federal Council of Nursing (Cofen) opened a public consultation, this Wednesday (8/6), on performing a suture procedure in patients during nursing care. Currently, according to Cofen Resolution 278/2003, this procedure is prohibited:

It is forbidden for the Nursing Professional to perform sutures.

Sole paragraph: The provisions of the caput of this article do not apply to emergency situations, in which there is effectively an imminent and serious risk to life, and such exception cannot apply to predictable and routine situations.

However, an administrative process was opened at Cofen to discuss the issue, since there have been advances in the profession in the last 16 years, after the publication of the regulation. In analysis, it was considered the interest by Nursing of advanced practices that help in health promotion, disease prevention and special care, mainly in populations of deprived and rural areas.

The consultation will be available until August 8, 2022 and can be accessed through the link. The objective is for Nursing professionals to manifest themselves so that the suture procedure may or may not be part of their practice.

Participate and help improve this regulatory proposal.

Source: Ascom – Cofen

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