Diablo IV will be a full-featured, full-price game with expansions

Diablo IV featured prominently at today’s Xbox & Bethesda showcase (12), and the series boss took to Twitter to clear up some player doubts and adjust our expectations for the game. Check it out below!

Rod, with whom we recently spoke exclusively here on Voxel, posted on his networks saying that “to be clear, devil 4 is a full-price game intended for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox audiences.”:

“We are committed to delivering an incredible depth of content after launch and for years to come,” continued Rod. “This will be anchored in optional cosmetics and fully narrative-driven expansions. We’ll have more details soon and a blog post tomorrow!”

As the idea is that the full game will come out in 2023, Rod also pointed out that “for those who are counting, the release of Diablo IV means that we will have three games of devil in three consecutive years. The franchise is back in a big way and we’re excited to have so many different experiences. We hope to see YOU at the Sanctuary!”

Diablo IV will support crossplay and cross-progression, as well as local co-op multiplayer. And from what we could see in Rod’s statements, the idea seems to be to distance himself from the recent controversy surrounding the microtransactions of Immortal Diablo.

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