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Ex-BBB has not had much success in their profiles on social networks with adult content

Ex-BBB has not had much success in their profiles on social networks with adult content

In the pack of bizarre stories that come to the column about some ex-BBBs, this is perhaps the most embarrassing: one of the participants of the Globo reality show has purposely leaked his nudes to adult content pages in an attempt to attract more subscribers to his profile on OnlyFans, which is on the fly.

Yes, dear reader. The boy’s desperation to be famous is so great that he doesn’t know what else to do, and as the work with advertising and VIP presences became rare for him, the business was to bet on the pornographic universe. But even in this market things have not gone very well.

And the tactic chosen by the boy was to send some videos that he publishes there on OnlyFans to pages on Twitter that share content 18+, with the aim of using the material as bait to attract new subscribers. Occasionally, he manages to increase the number of signatures, but the former BBB has faced enormous difficulties in retaining his customers.

It is because on this platform there is the option of making monthly or long-term subscriptions. Usually customers buy access for a period of one month to see if it is worth keeping the investment.

The column even talked to a person who signed the profile of the ex-BBB on OnlyFans, but he only paid for a month and gave up following him for a simple reason: the contents are very similar to each other, there is no creativity on the part. of the aspiring celebrity, and most of the videos can be consulted for free on adult content profiles on Twitter.

The conclusion we came to is that the former BBB’s tactic of increasing his fan base has not been so effective, and the public gives up on him at the first opportunity. It even looks like a fate.

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