games have a date to leave the service; check out

As with any subscription service in the world, not all offers in the catalog are permanent — and that would be no different with the new PS Plus. So, just as the service will receive new games as the months go by, some of them will soon be out of the pack.

In the library of the new PS Plus, Sony has already warned about the forecast of availability of four of the games. They are: Red Dead Redemption 2, NBA 2K22, Shadow Warrior 3 and WRC 10. Each of them will drop the Extra and Deluxe packs on a specific date. Look:

  • Shadow Warrior 3: available until July 5th;

games coming out of the new PS Plus

  • NBA 2K22: Available through August 31;

NBA 2K22 new PS Plus

  • WRC 10: available until August 31;

WRC 10 - coming out of the new PS Plus

  • Red Dead Redemption 2: available until September 20;

RDR 2 new PS Plus

It is worth mentioning that the library of the Extra and Deluxe plans are rotary, that is, it is natural for games to arrive and leave the service. In addition, the dates mentioned above are subject to change in the futuretherefore, may not be definitive.

Sony plans to update the new PS Plus catalog twice a month. One of them is already due to all subscribers of the Essential plan, where the monthly games are revealed — this month has God of War. The other will affect the availability of titles for the Extra and Deluxe levels.

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