Kojima speaks out after negative reactions from Playstation fans against partnership with Xbox

The Xbox conference that took place last week was not very well accepted by Playstation fans, especially who saw Hideo Kojima’s departure to create a game with Xbox as a “betrayal”. According to reliable rumors, it will be a horror title called “Overdose”, and let’s face it, the rumors are doing well.

With a message posted on Twitter, Kojima Productions tried to calm Sony fans down and claimed that the studio “continues to have excellent relations with PlayStation”after yesterday at Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022 Hideo Kojima revealed that he was working on a game exclusively for green-crossed platforms.

During yesterday’s showcase, Hideo Kojima announced a collaboration with Xbox Game Studios to create a new Xbox exclusive game based on Microsoft’s cloud technology.

The studio’s official Twitter account later posted a message explaining that “Kojima Productions is an independent studio” and that it will continue to evaluate the creation of various experiences, not just video games, but also films and music, across multiple platforms. Reassuring PlayStation gamers, Hideo Kojima’s studio assured that it is still on excellent terms with Sony to this day.

” As an independent studio, Kojima Productions will continue to work for our fans. We will explore various possibilities with games, movies and music on platforms that evolve with time and technology,” says the Tweet.

” After the announcement of our partnership with Microsoft using cloud technology, many people asked us about our partnership with SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment). We assure you that we continue to have excellent relationships with PlayStation as well.”

In short, Sony Playstation fans must accept Kojima’s independence to work in other non-Playstation areas. Now that he’s really good friends with Phil Spencer this might not be the only Xbox project he’ll have with him in the next few years.

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