Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered appears on Steam and Epic; Portuguese audio confirmed

Minimum and recommended requirements have not yet been confirmed

Even today (Monday the 13th) Steam and the Epic Games Store added the page of Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered in their PC versions to their stores. The pages have relevant information such as new images, dubbing and subtitles, but still do not confirm the price or system requirements of the game.

Image: Steam/Screenshot/Playback

Check out Marvel’s Spider Man on Steam

Check out Marvel’s Spider Man on the Epic Games Store

Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered was announced to arrive on PC still at State of Play that took place earlier this month and the game is scheduled for August 12, 2022. As of today, the version already has its pages on the Epic Games Store and Steam, which confirm support for dubbing, subtitles and menus in Brazilian Portuguese.

Despite little information, perhaps the most interesting thing about it is that now we have the first images of Spider Man Remastered Captured on PC, which are present on the pages of both PC game stores. There are three images for now, see:

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Images: Steam

Many must be anxious to know what the minimum and recommended requirements of the game are, but for now they have not yet been released in stores. Despite this, considering the recent history of PlayStation exclusive releases on PC, we can rely on a good job of adapting and optimizing the games. You can check this out in the tests we did on God of War to learn more:

For now we already have confirmation that Spider Man for PC will support ray tracing reflectionsas well as its PlayStation 5 version. Considering Nvidia’s engagement in promoting this game, we can also count on at least DLSS in the game, but there are good chances to see FSR 1.0 and even 2.0 arriving at launch.

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remembering that Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales will also arrive on the platform, but only in the last quarter of 2022 as a separate game.


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Source: Steam, Epic Games

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