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The Minas Gerais State Health Department (SES-MG) informed, in the early evening of this Monday (13), that received notification of the second suspected case of monkeypox in the state. The communication was made by Ituiutaba City Hall on Sunday (12).

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According to the Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (CIEVS-Minas), the cases have no history of displacements or trips abroad. Among the close contacts, there are still no symptomatic cases.

According to Ituiutaba City Hall, the male patient presented some of the symptoms of the disease and sought care last Sunday (12).

Biological materials were collected at the Municipal Emergency Care Unit of Ituiutaba (Upami), which were sent for specific exams at Funed in Belo Horizonte. The result is expected to come out in four days.

The Municipal Health Department also said that the patient is in good health and was instructed to isolate himself at home, being monitored by the Department of Health Surveillance.

First suspected case in MG

The first suspected case of monkeypox in Minas Gerais is investigated in Uberlândia and refers to a criminal police officer who worked at the Prison of araguari.

The 41-year-old patient was hospitalized at Uberlândia Medical Center (UMC) and the death was notified on Saturday (11) to the state. The cause of death is still under investigation and may have been aggravated by other diseases.

Confirmation that the victim was a criminal police officer was sent by the Secretary of State for Justice and Public Security (Sejusp) to TV Integration.

“The Secretary of State for Justice and Public Security informs that the criminal police officer mentioned in the demand had no contact with the prisoners, since he was on vacation”.

Guidance to municipalities

For laboratory diagnosis, SES-MG guided municipalities to collect samples for analysis by the Ezequiel Dias Foundation (Funed). According to information from the city halls of Uberlândia and Ituiutaba, released by the secretariat, the samples are being sent to the laboratory.

All clinical data are also being analyzed by the technical team of SES-MG and the Ministry of Health for investigation and closure of cases.

SES-MG, SRS Uberlândia, SRS de Ituiutaba and the municipal secretariats are investigating the cases, monitoring close contacts and making the necessary recommendations.

Monkeypox cases in Brazil

Until this Monday (13), three confirmed cases of monkeypox in Brazil, 2 in the state of São Paulo and 1 in Rio Grande do Sul. Rio de Janeiro investigates a possible case in Macaé.

Despite global concern, the World Health Organization (WHO) “It highlights that there were no deaths associated with the disease. In addition, it has not recommended mass vaccination and says the current outbreak can be controlled with surveillance and contact tracing.”

The WHO said monkeypox poses a “moderate risk” to global public health after cases were reported in countries where the disease is not endemic.

“The risk to public health could become high if this virus establishes itself as a human pathogen and spreads to groups more likely to be at risk of serious illness, such as young children and immunosuppressed people,” the WHO said.

The initial symptoms of monkeypox are usually fever, headache, muscle aches, back pain, swollen glands (lymph nodes), chills, and exhaustion.

“After the incubation period [tempo entre a infecção e o início dos sintomas]the individual starts with a nonspecific manifestation, with symptoms that we observe in other viruses: fever, malaise, tiredness, loss of appetite, prostration”, explained Giliane Trindade, virologist and researcher at the Department of Microbiology at the Federal University of Minas Gerais ( UFMG).

Within 1 to 3 days (sometimes longer) after the fever appears, the patient develops a rash, usually starting on the face and spreading to other parts of the body.

“What is an indicative differential: the development of lesions – lesions in the oral cavity and on the skin. They begin to manifest themselves first on the face and spread to the trunk, chest, palms of the hand, soles of the feet”, added Trindade, who is a consultant for the group created by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to monitor cases of smallpox in monkeys.

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