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The new PS Plus is now available in Brazil and comes with the aim of competing with Xbox Game Pass – in the sense of offering a larger catalog of games to its subscribers, who can choose between three plans, such as Deluxe, Extra and Essential. The game streaming option, however, does not come to the country for now. The plans offer three value options, starting from R$35 per month with a focus on access to multiplayer and reaching R$59.90 per month with a catalog of classic games and PS4 and PS5 downloads.

Among some of the games available for download in the library, there are highly praised and recent titles, such as Spider-Man Miles Morales, Guardians of the Galaxy, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Returnal, God of War and NBA 2K22. Among the game tests, players can count on titles such as Horizon Forbidden West, Cyberpunk 2077, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, among others.

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Nova PS Plus arrives in Brazil this Monday (13) and brings a library with great games for download — Photo: Rubens Achilles/TechTudo

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New PS Plus: all plans, prices and benefits

These are the prices for those who want to subscribe to each of the plans, currently starting a subscription from scratch.

  • Essential: BRL 34.90 monthly, BRL 84.90 quarterly or BRL 199.90 annually;
  • Extra: BRL 52.90 monthly, BRL 139.90 quarterly or BRL 339.90 annually;
  • Deluxe: BRL 59.90 monthly, BRL 159.90 quarterly or BRL 389.90 annually.

Essential unlocks online multiplayer, discounts and Fixed monthly games for download, as was the old signature. Extra follows all this and a catalog of games for PS4 and PS5. Finally, the Deluxe plan has all the previous benefits, access to a catalog of classics and tastings of selected games for up to two hours.

Other little-mentioned and complementary benefits include saving progress in the cloud, PlayStation Plus collection that already existed, exclusive extra content, help to advance in games and get trophies, in addition to the Share Play function.

Subscription prices are valid for Brazilian PSN accounts and each country, depending on the region, has its own values. To subscribe, you also need to have a credit card registered on your account or buy PSN credits on prepaid cards. The subscription can be activated via the PlayStation Store within the PS4 or PS5 console and also via the official PlayStation page.

PS Plus plans can now be signed — Photo: Disclosure / Sony

See the main games available for download in both plans, among the main exclusives and others multiplatform:

Classic PS Plus Deluxe games

See also the main classic games, among PSOne, PS2 and PSP titles, available only to those who subscribe to PS Plus Deluxe. These games run on PS4 and PS5 and some of them are remastered. Check out:

  • Ape Escape – PSOne
  • Resident Evil Director’s Cut – PSOne
  • Hot Shots Golf – PSOne
  • IQ Intelligent Qube – PSOne
  • Jumping Flash! – PSOne
  • Siphon Filter – PSOne
  • Super Stardust Portable – PSP
  • Mr. Driller – PSOne
  • Tekken 2 – PSOne
  • Worms World Party – PSOne
  • Worms Armageddon – PSOne
  • Ape Escape 2 – PS2
  • Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits – PS2
  • Dark Cloud – PS2
  • Dark Cloud 2 – PS2
  • FantaVision – PS2
  • Hot Shots Tennis – PS2
  • Jack II – PS2
  • Jack 3 – PS2
  • Jak X: Combat Racing – PS2
  • Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy – PS2
  • Rogue Galaxy – PS2
  • Siren – PS2
  • Wild Arms 3 – PS2

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PlayStation Plus Gets Game Pass 'Style' Subscription;  see plans

PlayStation Plus Gets Game Pass ‘Style’ Subscription; see plans

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