patch 1.16 is praised by analysts

when released Digital Foundry’s first review of Horizon Forbidden West, channel members suggested that the fidelity mode (native 4K/30 FPS) was the best way to enjoy Aloy’s adventure. Now, with the arrival of patch 1.16, analysts seem to have changed their minds there. The reason? Guerrilla Games made the performance mode more attractive.

To test the update’s improvements, the portal compared several gameplay moments and confirmed the differences. As you can see in the video below, the Dutch studio tried to remake the first cutscene completely and left the dynamic 4K (1800p / 60 FPS) with a visual worthy of praise.

Along with the improvements in Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games delivered a differentiated rendering in vegetation and the quality of reflections — avoiding the effect of shimmering, where low quality textures can stand out among those already processed by the console.

This jump was only possible, according to Digital Foundry, because of adjustments to anti-aliasing — responsible for smoothing characters and objects scattered around the scene, reducing the risk of presenting jagged or distorted images throughout gameplay.

How to start a New Game+ in Horizon Forbidden West

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