Starfield vs. No Man’s Sky: see comparative video between the games!

The long-awaited Xbox + Bethesda Showcase event closed its presentation yesterday, June 12th, with the first gameplay trailer for starfield, the space exploration game being made jointly by the companies. The video ended up reminding a lot of people of No Man’s Sky and it is not for nothing that comparisons have been made.

Both games involve exploring the universe, discovering planets, joining factions and, of course, combat with futuristic weapons and spaceships. So if you were curious to see starfield and No Man’s Sky side by side, fear not. The GameV channel prepared a video to satisfy that desire:

It’s a very detailed video, with a resolution of up to 4K and 60 frames per second. So you can try to notice the difference between the games in each texture. It is also very interesting the care of the author of the comparison to look for similar or minimally close scenes to facilitate the comparison.

Of course, in terms of graphics and technique, a very big evolution would be expected in starfield. The game is slated for 2023, while No Man’s Sky It’s already 6 years from its original release, which was in 2016 (and with a lot of problems). Games also adopt completely different aesthetics.

Among the consoles, No Man’s Sky was originally released on the PlayStation and later came to the Xbox. starfield will be released only on Xbox and is not expected to arrive on Sony’s console – even more so being developed by Bethesda, which is now owned by Microsoft.

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