Strawberry Moon appears in the sky this Tuesday (14); know what time it starts – Science

The full moon of June begins this Tuesday (14). This month, it hits a point called perigeewhen our natural satellite reaches full phase at the same time that its elliptical orbit makes its closest approach to Earth.

This time, the phenomenon will occur exactly at the 8:52 am, by Brasilia time. Specialists also point out that, around 8 pm, will be the best time for her to be seen from Brazil.

strawberry moon

Known as “strawberry moon”, this will be the first Supermoon of the year. The next occurrence will be in July, called “Moon of the Deer”.

According to information from NASA, during the phenomenon, the moon can stay up to 30% brighter. In addition, at the moment of maximum approach to the Earth, the perception of the Moon grows 14% in relation to the apogee (farthest point of the orbit).

How to watch the phenomenon?

Spectators can follow the phenomenon through a live broadcast, starting at 16:15 (Brasilia time), on the YouTube channel of the Virtual Telescope Project, from the Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory, in Italy.

It will also be possible to see the constellation Scorpio and the red supergiant Antares, positioned just above the Moon.

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