Thief shot outside health unit in Rio dies without receiving help, family says | Rio de Janeiro

The family of a robbery suspect claims that the boy, shot, died on the sidewalk of a UPA without receiving care. The case was last Friday (10) in Senador Camará, in the West Zone of Rio.

According to witnesses, Daniel Cunha Guedes, 24, tried to rob an establishment with another thief. A security guard reacted, and there was a confrontation.

In the exchange of fire, a young woman was shot. Milena de Jesus Hora was taken to the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Realengo. She underwent surgery, and her health status is stable.

Daniel was also hit and, even though he was shot, killed the driver of a car. Witnesses said he asked to be rescued.

Action videos show people hitting Daniel with kicks and tools. Minutes later, Daniel appears already stretched out on the ground, next to an MP. His brother appears.

“Can you take him, boss? Let me take my brother! Please. Get him out of here?” he asked.

Daniel’s wife believes her husband could have survived had he been attended to on time.

“I asked the police officers, his brother and I, to be able to take him to the hospital, to call Samu. There wasn’t a fireman, there was no one from the health department there. They said we couldn’t play,” he said. Sabrina Mattos.

“I know he did it wrong, but I think everyone has to pay for what they do wrong, not die on a sidewalk”, amended his wife.

The other robber managed to escape on a motorcycle.

Daniel Cunha Guedes and Sabrina Mattos — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

What the authorities say

THE Military police said that MPs were called to a beating incident and that when the team arrived at the scene, they found a man injured.

RJ1 asked why the shot assailant was prevented from being rescued. The PM reported that police officers have already found Daniel without showing signs of life. The military triggered the expertise and preserved the place in order to prevent the crime scene from being altered.

THE RioHealth clarifies that the UPA of Senador Camará was not called, at any time, to help Daniel. The unit was called only to help the young woman affected in the action, who was promptly attended to and sent to the Albert Schweitzer Municipal Hospital.

“It is worth noting that the assistance to Daniel would have taken place immediately if the professionals from the UPA Senador Camará had been called”, says the note.

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