Use of mask remains mandatory in health units, Semus warns – City Hall of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim

Use of the item is also mandatory in Long Stay Institutions for the Elderly
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Aware of the increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 in Espírito Santo, the Municipal Health Department (Semus) of Cachoeiro reinforces some guidelines on care related to the transmission of the disease.

The agency recalls that the use of a mask is still mandatory for users and professionals of health care units of any type, public and private, and in Long Stay Institutions for the Elderly (ILPIs). The rule was established by the State Department of Health of Espírito Santo (Sesa), through Ordinance No. 061-R, of April this year.

According to Semus, many people have gone without a mask to basic units, emergency care units and other establishments in the municipal health network.

“It is essential that everyone observes the mandatory use of masks in health services. The municipality has recorded an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 and, with that, more people are looking for our units, increasing the chances of infection. It is also a measure that protects our servers and helps to avoid absences from work, which harm the provision of services in our units”, emphasizes the secretary of Health of Cachoeiro, Alex Wingler.

Item is recommended indoors and schools

In the last week, Sesa released, through Technical Note No. by the Municipal Department of Education (Seme) of Cachoeiro with the school community.

The note also recommends wearing a mask in the following cases: when caring for someone who is sick with Covid-19; if belonging to the risk group for Covid-19; when performing a job where you interact with a large number of people; when riding an airplane, bus, train or other forms of public transport; and when physical distancing is not possible or if you are in crowded indoor or outdoor public environments.

Secretary Alex Wingler emphasizes that the population needs to be continually attentive to the guidelines of health authorities.

“We must continue to respect current disease prevention strategies. Frequently washing your hands, seeking vaccinations and following the recommendations related to the use of masks are important actions to protect people’s health and prevent new waves of infections”, he asks.

Vaccination in Cachoeiro

In Cachoeiro, vaccination rooms are open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 3 pm. At the UBS in the Paraíso, Amaral, IBC and Aeroporto neighborhoods, the hours are extended until 6 pm.

Currently, the Covid-19 immunizer is available to the public over 5 years of age. People over 50 and healthcare professionals can now take the second booster dose, as long as they have received the third dose for at least four months – for the elderly, this period is a little shorter: three months.

The flu vaccine, on the other hand, targets children over six months and under five years of age, the elderly, teachers, health professionals, pregnant women, postpartum women, people with chronic diseases, public transport employees, truck drivers and others considered susceptible to influenza virus infection and complications from influenza.

Units with vaccination room

UBS Aquidaban

UBS Airport


UBS New Park

UBS Abelardo Machado

UBS Gilson Carone

UBS Village da Luz

UBS Amaral

UBS Alto União

UBS Sao Luiz Gonzaga

UBS BNH de Baixo

UBS BNH de Cima

UBS Zombie

UBS Paradise

UBS Coramara

Our Lady of Aparecida UBS

UBS Elpídio Volpini

UBS Otton Marins

Municipal Polyclinic “Bolivar de Abreu”


UBS Soturno

UBS Burarama

UBS Pacotuba

UBS Córrego dos Monos

UBS Itaoca

UBS Conduru

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