what are schools doing?

It goes back into effect as of this Monday, June 13, the mask use recommendation in closed spaces in Ceará. The new decree refers, above all, to school environments.

In a note, both the Ceará Education Department (Seduc) and the Fortaleza Municipal Education Department (SME), stated that the use of masks is recommended in all state schools, as well as in municipal schools in the Capital. The folders, however, did not inform how this recommendation will be made to students, teachers and staff.

Building understanding from dialogue should be the procedure of private schools. “We are providing guidelines, talking to students and parents and suggesting that all schools advise the recommendation of the mask in closed environments and with a lot of people”, explained Graça Bringel, president of the Union of Private Teaching Establishments of Ceará (Sinepe-CE). ), in an interview with O POVO CBN radio this Monday morning, 13.

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Bringel says that “at the moment, in schools, everything is under control” and that adherence should be smooth. “With the kids, it hasn’t been too complicated. What they want is to be in schools, even if it’s in a mask,” she says. In addition, she ensures that all schools are requiring their employees to update their vaccinations. “The school is to take care not only of the students, but also of the family and the people who make up the school as a whole.”

Return of masks in schools

The decision to emphasize the recommendation to use masks was communicated by Governor Izolda Cela last Friday, 10th. Until then, the recommendation for the elderly, pregnant women, people with comorbidities and people with flu symptoms to use the protection item , both indoors and outdoors.

At the same time, the masks were already following mandatory in public transport and health units — even though the duty is not being fully followed in practice.

With the resolution, formally registered in Decree No. 34,795 of June 11, 2022, it is recommended the use of protection “in schools, in closed environments and in open environments with agglomeration”. An open environment is defined as open-air spaces, public or private, intended for simultaneous use by several people. Examples are squares, parks, leisure areas, football stadiums, streets and sidewalks.

The directive comes at a time of high in registered cases of Covid-19 in the state. After three months with the numbers of Covid-19 cases falling, confirmations of the disease rose again in Ceará.

According THE PEOPLE found based on data from IntegraSUS, a platform of the State Health Department (Sesa), the indicator started to decrease in February and increased in May. Last month, 1,912 cases were recorded, 44.4% more than April’s confirmations. As of June 11, 1,163 cases have been confirmed — 60.8% of May’s total.

For Luciano Pamplona, ​​professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), the measure is “relevant” for the moment. According to the epidemiologist, the use of a mask may become mandatory depending on the response of the population, but the greater probability is that there will not be a “big wave of serious cases”, especially due to the vaccination coverage achieved by the State.


Even with the increase, Sesa draws attention to the underreporting of cases and publicizes the services of the testing center located at the Hotel Excelsior, in downtown Fortaleza. The post responds by spontaneous demand from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 4 pm. For the population residing in other municipalities in Ceará, the recommendation is to seek a basic health unit.

Confirmed cases and vaccination among students

According to information from Sesa, in Ceará, 33,225 cases of Covid-19 between students since the beginning of 2020. Of this total, 7,014 (21%) were registered this year.

Also according to Sesa, vaccination coverage for the population between 12 and 17 years is 97% in relation to the first dose (D1) and 83% for the second dose (D2). This public started to be vaccinated in August 2021. For those between 5 and 11 years old, who started receiving doses in January of this year, coverage is 75.73% with D1 and 48.5% for D2 .

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